So the Sun rises around 4:15 am and sets at 10:00pm so I am on a new biorhythm.
This morning I arose around 5 then 6 then didn’t hear my alarm and it was 7:15 am.  No problem until I jumped in the shower and discover the maid broke the faucet and there was no water.  I filled my water/piss bottle in the sink…jumped into the shower and lathered my hair then wash cloth . Washed my body and rinsed with the water bottle.  I ran downstairs with my luggage and reported the problem …ate some organic yogurt, ordered poached eggs on toast.   I was presented with Hard Poached Eggs so ate half and got another yogurt.
       We loaded the bus and stopped in Stratford upon the Avon, home of Will Shakespeare.  I wandered around taking photos of other tourists wandering around, had some coffee and headed back to the bus.


          The Ironbridge, signaled the start of the Industrial Revolution when it was built, was under restoration and wrapped up in some protective material.   We didn’t even stop.


We stopped in Shrewsbury for lunch.   I ended up at an Italian chain restaurant. 


When we loaded the bus the whole town was lined up waiting for a parade…so we waved to everyone and they waved back as if we were the beginning of the parade. 

        On to Wales and an World Heritage site…the Pontcysylite Aqueduct, in 1805 tallest aqueduct in the world that you could transport goods in a canal boat across and also walk it.

Then the Chirk Aqueduct…not so famous. 

 We took pictures and headed to Wrexham Wales and the night at a Premier Hotel…love the room hate the food.

       One Happy Hour, and there were many, J.P (Buck) and Hilda, his wife were talking about my service in the Army.  Hilda asked me one day.  I had told her and now her husband was interested.  I told him briefly and mentioned that my Dad also served 10 years from 1935-45 he had been stationed in Panama for 6 years when the war broke out and he was sent to Papua New Guinea for the rest of the war.  Buck immediately said…with the 32nd Infantry Regiment.  I was surprised because it was not an outfit in the current Army that was mentioned and few people knew of it as I believe it was disbanded after the war. 
        Later I asked if he was a Military Buff and why did he know that.  My father served in the 32nd for his entire 10 years.  He said his father had also been sent to the 32nd when the war broke out and died in Papua. He recommended a book. The Ghost Mountain Boys about the Papau New Guinea Campaign and the battle they fought.  He said it is pretty disturbing.  I bought it on Kindle that night and now I’m home reading it.  Battles fought there were worse than Guadalcanal with twice the men lost.
        If you noticed the sign a few photos back, you would know that we are now in Wales for the night.

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