This morning we had a great Breakfast at this fabulous Highway Inn that we are staying at.  It was bought last November by a London husband and wife that had been working for hotel corporations for over 30 years.  They refurbished 7 of the rooms in this 1470 house.  Yes…built in 1470!  I am sleeping in the attic with low original beams that I keep knocking my head into.  I’ve gotten in the habit of walking around stooped over wherever I go here…to be safe.  I really am impressed with this place…they provide you with wash cloths.  First hotel out of the last 12 I have stayed in that do that.  I guess wash cloths are personal as they are used in intimate places and probably the most stolen item in any hotel.  The toilet paper is the best too!
5G Wi-Fi for the Internet!  If your ever in Burford…this is the place to stay.
      So we toured the Cotswold, the most beautiful part of England, then some of the group got off to hike from Upper Slaughter town to Lower Slaughter while I stayed on with the rest and slept while we toured some more until the bus picked up the rest of the group in the other Lower Slaughter.  We then visited Burton on the Water .

      We passed some horses on the way to our next stop was Broadway where I had lunch at Hunter’s Tea Room which was ranked 4 stars and worth it.  I wandered around a bit before meeting back up with the bus for more touring.The homes in the Cotswold are all made of limestone from various quarries around the 700 square miles the area covers.  The stone varies in color depending on which quarry it came.  Honey , Oat , Grey and colors in between.

Cricket Club House


We tried to stop in another village but a festival was in progress so we returned to the hotel for a short break before moving on.  I stayed to take a break. We are meeting at the “Mermaid Pub” where David is buying us all a drink at 4:30.
     My cold is still hanging on but the medicine allows me to breath now and sleep at night.  My shoulder that I injured in Mexico back in March is still bothering me.  I got heating patches for it but reluctant to use them on tour.  I will wait until the end. My neck is almost all healed so I got my fingers crossed that nothing else happens.

   The group returned so after walking down to the church for some quick photos, I met David and the group at the Mermaid Pub for our Happy Hour, compliments of David.  We chatted a bit and I debated where I wanted to go for dinner.

        I checked google but was beginning to think all the food reviews were fixed and decided to return to the hotel where I had a great dinner and breakfast.  I asked the Manager what he recommended…Fresh Pork Loin stuffed with Chorizo and Blood Sausage, Butter Beans in Cider Sauce with Broccoli garnished with a poached Japanese Mini Pear. OK.  Give me a Hendrick’s Gin and Indian Fever Tree tonic to go with it.  It was so good and I was so hungry that I started shoveling in and quick chew and swallow…well on the third bite I swallowed but it got stuck in my air pipe and I knew immediately I was going to die if I didn’t get someone to administer the Heimlich maneuver before I passed out.  No air or ability to dislodge that chunk of meat that I didn’t bother chewing thoroughly.  I couldn’t talk so started moving my arms to get attention…the manager ran over but all I could do was point to my mouth and turn my back on him grab his arms around me.  He didn’t know what to do and put me in a hammer lock.  I grabbed his hands from around my neck and put them on my upper abdomen …then he pulled and dislodged the food.  He saved my life.  I went back to my meal and chewed everything 25 times.  Then treated myself to a Remy Martin Cognac when I was done.


      I really enjoy Burford and this hotel and if I wasn’t on a paid tour, I would stay another few nights in this village.  I went out and joined the locals who lived here the last 10 years and they agreed….at least in the summer…winter they go to Egypt or Spain or…..
     Well another reason to count my blessings…I’m alive.

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