Sunday we are off to Liverpool then on to the Lake district.  We started by visiting the local town of Chester.    It was empty at 9:30 Sunday morning but we got out and walked around the wall of this once Medieval City and took some photos and then started our trip.


      We stopped on the way to Liverpool in Sunnydale or something like that.  It was an industrial town that revolved around a soap manufacturer…like Hershey Pennsylvania with his Chocolate factory.  He provided units for all his workers to live and built a whole town around his factory…Sun Soap.  There was a huge Marathon going on in the town on Sunday and the streets were all blocked off so we didn’t get out.

     We reached Liverpool and drove around with some getting off at the Mersey River tourist area after having toured the wharf and the huge long long sugar factories and warehouses.   I went on to the downtown area and had coffee at Costas while searching the web for a nice seafood lunch.

I discovered the highly rated San Carlos and walked up the street to this high end Italian Seafood restaurant with only an hour left.  It was Father’s day so I treated myself to Poached Salmon Hollandaise with Fresh Sauteed Spinach and garlic.  It was the best Salmon I had ever eaten.

    I ran back just in time to catch the bus and off we headed for the Lake District.  A huge National Park that 15 million people visit every year. 

We were divided between two hotels, mine being the second one and we couldn’t get the bus up the drive so called to see if they had a back entrance.  David was on the phone explaining that we were at the entrance and causing a traffic jam and needed to know if they had a back entrance for large Coaches.  While arguing with the lady…Jimmy the driver got out in the rain and walked up to the hotel then returned and said…I can do that.  So we ventured up the road when one car parked at one hotel casita was blocking our way.  The owner came out in the rain and moved it and we arrived at the front door.  There were only about 7 of us staying at this place but the Front Desk women was so disorganized it took a while for her to take each of us to our Casita and  go back for another.  Finally I made a reservation to eat and took a shower and unpacked then returned. 
       I enjoyed a great Venison Dinner with Lemon Tart and Raspberry Ice cream for dessert with Cognac.

There was a man sipping his wine as I was leaving that we had met while checking in that was doing the same trip as us…from Land’s End in Cornwall to John Groats in the Northernmost part of the UK…1100 miles.  He did it on a bike and was 66 year old recently retired CEO of a Silicon Valley company that just sold.  He started biking a few years ago around San Francisco where he lived and kept extending his trips for two weeks to Vancouver or down to Mexican border and decided to do 1100 miles in England .  He almost quit a couple times but is still at it.  Wonderful man and very sincere and a bit overweight but in good condition.  I left for my room and to rest for my strenuous bus journey tomorrow.

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