Richard dropped his bag of goodies for me to store in his absence until he returns next year.  He bought my extra Oaxaca Cap too.  We got a cab to take us to our pickup point for the party.  Kevin, Margo, Kathleen, Teri , Katrina, and Carl joined us and we were off to Bill’s 75th Birthday Blowout.
Bill Pumphrey was one of the first people I met on arrival in Oaxaca and has been a good friend since. I attended another of his parties 4 years ago but this was the big one.

      The Hotel he contracted with for the banquet room, entertainment, food, and facilities was a little behind when we arrived.  Don and Pat showed up as did Pierre and Hans, Alan and his wife (just back from 6 weeks in Vietnam) Michelle,Peter …well most of the people I knew or were acquainted with. Bill poured everyone Mezcal when they arrived and the socializing began.

       We started the party with Bill trying to open up the Pinata of Donald Trump (popular Pinata in Mexico these days).Give it your best try Bill. (click to see).  Bill passed the baton after about 5 tries…he was blindfolded in the beginning….until anxious participants beat the hell out of the Pinata and candy flowed…along with stick on messages for everyone that said ESTAMOS UNIDOS EN CONTRA DE TRUMP…I think means we stand united against Trump.

        A lot of recent deportees that had been born or lived in the US illegally since childhood while speaking fluent English, working or College students and fell under the “Dream Act” of Obama’s that gave them the opportunity to stay and become legal…were sent back under Trump to a country they didn’t even know.  Many had relatives that lived in Oaxaca so they were returned to Oaxaca.

      The band played while people  danced and the drinks flowed and “botanas” were passed around to nibble on.  A Salad was served followed by a Chicken Dish then Birthday Cake. Then the DJ albums consisting of everyone’s requested songs started playing and the DANCING continued until the party ended.  A Mexican couple took Kevin and I back to our neighborhood and we went our separate ways returning home.

       I slept late today and had Shrimp Ceviche on Avocado for Breakfast…delicious.

  I walked through the Zocalo and stopped at a huge Book Fair

but not proficient enough in Spanish so continued over to meet Barbara for lunch at the bakery.

 Had a great meal…Bhan Mui Vietnamese sandwich and she had Avocado Toast and we split the best Carrot Cake I’ve ever eaten.

Best Carrot Cake…LOUSY PHOTO

       I walked back home and was getting ready to meet Sara from Phoenix at the Library when she wrote that the library was closed so she took a taxi home and would like to meet tomorrow but has another lady to meet for an apartment.  She was considering subletting mine.
       I already had dinner plans with Halina and Barbara at Biznaga so took a taxi there and we had two hours of eating Pork Ribs, Tenderloin Tips, and a Steak Mole…with some wine, beer, Margaritas and a Pina Colada.

      Oaxaca is now into Holy Week so Flowers are out and events everyday until Easter. We stopped at the Zocalo on the way home to listen to a  Salsa Band , then went our separate ways.  It was a splendid night and day.


 I am now safe and secure with a security fence around the roof and my wall.

            I did nothing today…never left the house.  Sara emailed to let me know she took the apartment offered her in Tule…an hour out of the city.

         I tried to get to bed early and rise early for Pool on Wednesday.  Didn’t work.  I guess I’ll have to set an alarm to manage that.
        I did get out of the house and have coffee at the Bakery today. While passing through the Zocalo, I debated adopting a Squadron of Doggies.

         Then stopped at the Oaxacan Public Library to photo the aerial view of my Old place, Los Nogales, My new place, and the Zocalo.

 The photos weren’t great but you get the idea. I was taking a photo of the lighted floor.  Library was nice, and they had a play room for the children.

        When I arrived, Steve, one of my Canadian friends was just finishing when I showed up.  We chatted a bit.  He may move down from New Brunswick in another month.  He leaves in 2 weeks to return but like me but is hesitating to buy the ticket!  No one likes to leave.  I have too.

       When Steve left I felt like I had to try the famous Pizza’s they make here but wasn’t hungry after Cappuccino and the gluten free Chocolate Tart I had…pure Chocolate…pure Joy!  I ordered the house Pizza to go and had a Natural Kefir…made on premise and also really good.

It was hard to take the Pizza home…at least the whole thing…and all for $5.75

       Tonight I WILL SET THE ALARM.  Deke, the condo Manager who just returned from a month in Merida and Cuba, is coming over for coffee and Pizza in the morning.  That is good incentive to wake me…I’ll dream Pizza in my Mind

         Deke came by for Coffee and Pizza this morning.  I told him about my problems with the photo matting I had done and I was going back to do some more and wanted to change the Mounting and Matting of the photos.  He went with me and explained the whole thing and I can pick them up Monday.

The same home where DH Lawrence wrote one of his books around 1921?

         It was such a pleasant day today.  The weather has cooled to perfect!  I took the bus to the library so I could drop off some donations for there Garage Sale to raise money to complete the roof.  I stopped at the ATM to take out some more money…now at a higher rate since the dollar went down.  I didn’t have enough to pay for the Matting and no Credit. Easter Decorations were up everywhere for the Holy Week Ceremonies. All church doors were left open.

         I walked up the mountain to the North end of Pirfirio Diaz to take some photos then down to the Bakery again!

Nice coffee break then home.

My friend SVEN posted his 8 seconds of fame when he was interviewed on Fast Money last month.
WE ARE SO PROUD OF HIM…even if he left us for the bright lights of LONDON?  I think I’ll close this Post for now…Love David
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