Saturday Richard came over to see my place and meet for the Home Concert, first of Monthly gatherings in different homes with different entertainers for a small fee that goes to the musician.

Richard took time out of his hectic schedule to impart his wisdom as a stellar businessman to advise this talented lady on how it would be to her advantage to promote herself.

We arrived just in time to a small group of 20 people and a wonderful Jazz/Folk/Blues singer with an acoustic guitar.  We had a brief break for wine and snacks the host provided and at 6 pm we closed down and Richard and I went out for drinks,

Art gallery,



, music,

more drinks…

We met an interesting couple visiting Mexico.  She lived in Copenhagen and he lived in Southwest England.  Young couple that had arrived in Oaxaca from the Nude Beach at Zipolete and were leaving after 5 days here to visit Mexico City.  I left for home and retired as soon as I arrived.
         Sunday I returned to the couple that makes such good food to sell…limited menu but quality take out food….Lasagna, Paella, Pork and Bean (it cooks for 24 hours), Fish in wine sauce with Mushrooms, Ceviche, Empanada Spinach or Tuna. 

         I arranged Happy Hour at Sabor Sabe, a nice Mexican restaurant with a good Bartender.  That is essential for Mezcalinis.  Like a Martini but with Mezcal and Jamaica, and a couple other things…it did taste good.  Halina and I have a tradition, of sort, that we try to get together and have Mezcalini’s when we first arrive and before we depart…and sometimes in between.  Tonight was special because her girl friend Barbara visited Oaxaca with her this year.  Barbara is a wonderful lady so this Happy Hour was a Special one.  I thought they were leaving soon but it turns out we have time for another Mezcalini Happy Hour in another couple weeks.

      Today I dropped my shirts off to be laundered and pressed.  That is something that costs about the same in the US.  Then took the bus to Sam’s Club to stock in the condo a bit so it will be easier on my return.  It was a hot day…in the high 80’s.  I had some of the Pork and Beans Casserole then around 5pm, I walked up to pick up my Oaxaca Baseball Caps I special ordered.  Tomorrow they will be ready.  BUT YOU SAID…careful David…Monday and it is Tuesday evening…but no problema Manana is Buenos….it was a nice evening for a walk.  The Temperature went down with the sun.  I hope to visit the Stamp Museum tomorrow…be the first visit since I returned.  Awesome museum and art gallery.
          I have been enduring a security construction crew next door on the roof building a mura or wall around the roof.  We did have a break in to the compound and some tools and stuff were stolen so the Landlord changed to a double lock security on the gate and  adding the wall to keep people from scaling it and entering the compound.  If they do, they have to go out the same way they came and they couldn’t take much up and down that ladder.  The noise has been disconcerting but now I think they have actually made it easy for them to enter on to my back porch and come in through the kitchen.  Now I have to lock my kitchen door??  Well I’m having some great Lasagna I bought Sunday with a great Mango Margarita, no salt as it’s bad for you.  The Spinach Empanada was a great snack and the Pork and Beans was great comfort food and was gone immediately...Manana.  

I did get my Baseball “Oaxaca” Caps the next day on my return trip from the Stamp Museum.

These are Stamps from the different Provence of Spain with the Senoras in the dress of the Provence

 These are Stamps from the different Provence’s in Oaxaca that produce Coffee Beans

 These are where the Stamps are stored…old, new, from every country in the world with every theme imaginable.  They are presented behind glass drawers that slide out from the vault they are arranged in.

The Vaults, about 12 in all , are categorized by themes of countries, continents, sports, plants, etc.
I stopped by the new Food Court I tried the other day just to see how they are progressing….much nicer but no customers!

  When I left to return home, one of the Main Thoroughfares that is seldom without traffic…had NONE and there was NO Roadblocks….It is the HEAT.  It may get into the 90’s now but we are a mile high and the UV ratings were EXTREME.  Which is 11.9 +  the Maximum but they don’t state the number…just +…so it could be 15 for 50…but you stay out of the sun.  Oaxaca’s UV ratings are EXTREME most of the time even when it is cool.
       I met Tomas that evening for dinner at Tres Bistro this time.  He had some fish Tacos and washed them down with a few Martinis and I had the Salmon washed down with a few wines.

Tom waved Goodbye till next year.

Thursday and it was our last Dominoes game at the library.  I , of course, led the pack winning almost every game and clinching the Tournament until next year.  Richard leaves this coming week so that was the end of Dominoes without enough players.

There are a lot of Volkswagons in Mexico.  They have been manufactured here for years and Mexicans are great Mechanics.  They love their cars, especially VW’s.  Many are vintage models dating back to 1960 and have Chome touches added along with modifications.

Friday I finally made it over to the Pool Hall through a bunch of little shops that surrounded the building.  I finally found the entrance to a Mattress Company then a stairway leading up to the two floors above that housed a very nice Pool, Card, Snooker Hall with well maintained tables, and Ques.
The Gringo group that play here are GOOD.  They use special Racks and the balls are imported from England….they keep them along with professional Que Sticks and extras for guests in a locker.  They play three times a week.

My “lucky streak” carried over from Dominoes and my first game I beat Richard…then the second game I almost beat Bill….had none left and missed the Eight Ball for Bill to put in the pocket and win the game.  I will return.
                 I left to get some Yogurt and the way home and as I was cruising through the Zocalo I spied two Senoritas selling there Textiles in this HOT SUN…they covered themselves from the Sun as I took their Photo…Then I heard a yell…It was Darcy with Steve, another Canadian…I sat for a bit until Pat, Darcy’s sister showed then picked up my Yogurt and headed home.
                  It was hot in the house too so later in the evening I returned to the Zocalo to have a wine and read….then a second wine and Chicken and Pasta.  Just as I was leaving, Hector my friend who had just got off work stopped by and we caught up on things.  He is doing well and looked good.  I think getting back to work put him back on track.  Much more jovial.

       Today I picked up some shirts I had pressed and cleaned, then ventured up a block and bought some Homemade Lasagna and Ceviche to take home.  He had some Fish Veracruz I couldn’t resist.
I stocked it in my overflowing Refrigerator and am now preparing to go to Bill’s 75 Birthday Blowout .  Richard is stopping by to drop off some things for storage until next year and we will take a cab to the pick up point.  He didn’t get in early so the Hotel Van is full and he will continue to the Party in the Taxi.

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