Last goodbyes and bits and ends to wrap up my visit, close up the condo, start packing, finish projects, set up for my return.  Since my arrival I’ve strove to walk everyday.  Starting out was painful because of my “intermittent claudation”..poor circulation in my legs due to hardening of the arteries.  I would go 30 -50 yards and half to stop for a 10 minute break then repeat when the pain returned another 50- 90 yards down the road. …and so on.  Yesterday I took the bus to the library but then walked around the park then up hill to take some photos.  I never walked up hill here unless it was necessary…and yes I did have to take a break BUT it wasn’t the pain in my legs but just out of breath…I had 2/3 of my right lung removed due to “Valley Fever”.  So when I did reach the top it felt good.  I walked all the way home with NO pain.  This is a HUGE step for me and gives me encouragement.  I thank Oaxaca for that.   It is a pleasant walking city with lots of sights to take in along the walk.  The city is always changing with the seasons, with the night vs the day, different flowers always blooming, beautiful parks, sunrises, sunsets, perfect weather year round.  I’m not anxious to return to Arizona except to see my family and friends.



      Well, I have to go for a walk!  Meeting Kevin for coffee when he finishes his classes at the school.  Kevin lives over in my old place, Los Nogales.  I have played Canasta or Fandango with him at a get together one day last year then saw him at Helen’s party when she moved into the big house in Los Nogales.
      I noticed our new security fence as I left.  I ordered a Croissant Tostada Francais …thinking it would be a Croissant?  Kevin came in from school as I received my order.  He takes Salsa lessons!  Like Sandra did.  Next year I’ll can introduce them.  I admire that and at my age…WTF..I could use the exercise. Kevin came over to my place to see what it was like.  He put his name in for future vacancies.  I added him to the list for Deke when anything comes available.  Kevin lived in Mexico City for a long while before coming here.  He still entertains other places but he does dance the Salsa and he speaks excellent Spanish from what I gather.  He is younger and has lots of choices of where to live.  I was going to the Llano Market but don’t need to buy anymore before I leave.

     Saturday I started packing and assembling notes of “things to do” when I return.  Then I organized another list of money spent here for here and money spent here for when I return…along with my tax filings (I already filed for free from here on my computer…and got my State and Federal Refund…all $90 deposited in my account) Ah the new millennium, what a change from the old. Some good some bad. Change is good.


     So about 6 pm I headed for the Zocalo and an Art Exhibit.  I took some photos of the Easter decorations.  Everyone was in town for Holy Week.  I ended up at the Gourmand Deli.  I stopped there a couple days ago and felt I had to try it before I left.  Deke told me about the cheese selection they offered in the Deli to go and when I asked about the Feta I saw on the menu the owner came out to help me.  It was the same women that sold me those delicious Home made Turkey Sausages I bought at the Market last month!  I went back for more but couldn’t find her again. Now I know where to go.  I had a Reuben Sandwich good but not impressed.  I took half to go and headed back when the rain was still going…more of a drizzle.

      There was an interesting band about ready to play at the Zocalo when I arrived so decided to see what they offered. Mexican Water-boy’s “If I Were a Fisherman” ..Chairs were set in rows for this and were full…but the rain was threatening as the band started…STOP…the sound man said the rain was shorting out the electric accordion…so he switched to the violin and the band’s opening number amazed me…If I were a Fisherman by the Waterboys from Ireland.  The Rocket 88’s used to play that when I would walk in at Warsaw Walley’s Blues Bar.  It was like Hail to the Chief…they were regular customers at Dave’s Fish House…that’s what they called my restaurant just down from Wally’s  in Phoenix.
     So I videoed the performance and was anxious to see what they would play next.  Alas, it was not to be…the sky opened up with a real rain…thunder rolled in the distance…had to think twice before I realized what it was…been a long time.



 The temperature dropped. A short sleeve shirt, sandals, and shorts caused me to shiver…I headed for Importando next door and had a glass of wine with Tequila to warm me.  When the rain let up I headed for another concert at the Pablo Cultural Center next door.

    That was packed and an Easter Concert. Oaxacan State Choral Orchestra  I went last year when it was held in the Zocalo with the Tuna wandering Minstrels accompanying The Oaxacan Choral Orchestra.  Videoed that on my past blog.  The concert was fantastic with such a variation of instruments and the choir was wonderful. I didn’t see the special lady that had played last year but in the end the Conductor gave a speech to thank everyone and mentioned special guest in the audience…she was the first he mentioned and she stood for applause.Last and Thanks I chased her down last year and after introducing myself asked to take a photo with her family…she refused. Then on the air flight to Oaxaca from Phoenix this year she was with me.  I approached again to ask if she remembered me..but my Spanish wasn’t good enough and I was afraid she would start to think she had a Stalker at 90 years old, so excused myself.
        I stopped to say hi to Peter, Mike, Karen, and there was Halina.  We walked home together and stopped to take a photo of some flower display before parting.


 I crossed the street with a group of about 20 people with yellow T shirts on with luminous writing on the back.  I thought they were a family until I read the writing…something about a Walking Club or group.

 I was in no pain so fell behind and tried to keep pace until my ankles started hurting…and I was on my street, said hello to my neighborhood restaurateur.  He finally put up a sign…on our building..but tastefully done. We chatted  and I told him goodbye until June 5th…bought my ticket with the help of American Airlines Frequent Flyer …used to be you paid in miles…now you pay in miles and cash for all the surcharges…$100 and they would only honor F Flyer miles to Mexico City even though I paid over $700 to fly to Oaxaca round trip on American…twice!  So I had to buy another round trip from Mexico City to Oaxaca for another $100 but I hit the wrong web site that was phishing as Interjet airlines…so they charged me a service fee to book…and because it was in Spanish only…I booked the wrong flight time on my return so after paying for it, I realized what I had done and went to the real airline site and tried to change it …no problem…just another $50 fee to change a $100 ticket.  My Frequent Flyer free flight has now cost over $250…so I save around $400. Take what you can get.

      Sundays are nice and quiet but there are a lot of people in town.



 I am going to meet Halina, Barbara and my future Spanish teacher Gadie this afternoon to go out and eat ….of course. Well our signals got crossed…I think I went to the wrong Cathedral and was 10 minutes late.  I looked around and walked around but ended up at Berlina for a Real Reuben Sandwich and Salad.

     Today was drop the laundry, pick up the Matted Photos, Hang them, go to the library and have lunch at the Bakery. Leaving the library I encountered Usi…my Compadre who speaks as much English as I do Spanish. We managed to have a brief conversation as he was climbing down a ladder from hanging Easter decorations for Theresa the Owner of Los Mariposas.  He is my Number One Mexican…classy, hard working, intelligent, unstoppable, with integrity to the max.  Normally he is the first person I visit when I return…but this year it felt awkward but he was genuinely happy to see me as I was him.



 It rained again on the way back home to pick up my laundry.  I can’t do it that fast and I have a Washer Dryer at home??  It weather cooled with the rain so I sat on my “patio” to read as the Sun set….and wave to all my fans from the balcony.

         I thought you may want to see the photos I took that are now hung on my walls. Mexican Graffiti Art, World Heritage Icons, and the family that is still around.

          I packed today then stopped for healthy luncheon.

  Even the dogs are dressed for Easter.

He gave her 20 Pesos for that Popsicle and she counted back his change.
My last day so I took a long walk to the Library then to the Bakery for a treat before returning home.
I decided I should read my “list” to discover I forgot the Boarding Pass!
When I returned I spent over 1/2 hour on Live Chat with a representative of Interjet Airlines to discover I was NOT on their reservation list because I had not made the reservation with them but American…even though they are flying the plane American assigned to me.  All I got was a phone number that put me on HOLD for 20 MINUTES before I went crazy listening to the looped recording about how much it cost me if I go over my baggage limit. I hung up.  Hope I got a flight tomorrow. Done with Blogs for a couple months!  Adios Amigos and Amigas.

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