Helen offered to take me out to dinner her last night in town. It was St Paddy’s Day.  The Oaxacan State Band were playing at the Gazebo in the Zocalo, reminding me of summer concerts in Whitefield New Hampshire when I was a wee lad.     We went to Tres Bistro and had my usual Salmon while Helen had the fresh Red Snapper. Helen enjoyed a dessert while I enjoyed the complimentary Chocolates.

         It was St Paddy’s Day but no one seemed to know it or care.  The Phoenix St Paddy’s Day Parade has a contingent of San Patricios riding horses and wearing Sombreros along side of Mexicans.  The San Patricios , led my Captain John Reilly fought for Mexico against the US in the Mexican American War.  They were all captured and hung in Mexico City.
         The next day Helen woke me around 6 pm because she couldn’t exit the new gate lock without a key.  She was worried about a taxi to the airport…one greeted her on the other side of the gate and helped with her luggage.
         I did nothing that day except a brief walk.

         Sunday I did go out and about to a Clandestine Food Stall in an alley where this elderly couple lived.  Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon they sell homemade Pork and Beans, Paella, Empanadas, Lasagna, and Pastries to go. I believe they are retirees from Santiago, Chili?   I bought the Lasagna and a bowl of the Pork and Beans.
       That afternoon took a taxi to Casa Colonial for another Jazz Concert. The music was good, the drinks were good, Bill and his Brother were enjoying their life of leisure,Halina, Margo, and Carol had front row seats, Teri joined Halina, the band played on, John found a seat , then Tadeo and Will had their usual seats,….LISTEN TO HER

The singer and band was very good but all Jazz, and no Blues make me ready for bed.  Zooey, a friend, was there and drove me back to the Zocalo where I walked home.There was another band playing.SEE THEM DANCE

 I had the Lasagna when I arrived…it was very good and I tasted the Pork and Beans that was also good.  Barbara took my photo and I took hers before I left Casa Colonial.

        Today was Benito Juarez’s Birthday.  The only president to be honored with a National Holiday so many places were closed except the Textile Museum.  Helen had visited there and marveled on how nice it was.  I hadn’t been this year so decided to do the tour.  It was nice.

        Now I get to have Pork and Beans…took 24 hours to make according to the Elderly gentleman that made it.  Took me 10 minutes to polish it off…hmmm good!

         Tuesday was uneventful.  This time of year it warms up so afternoons are for power naps..Mexicans call them Siestas.

I blew $3.50 (tip included) on late lunch at one on my favorite Mom and Pop Mexican Restaurants.

     Wednesday I dropped off the laundry then I checked out the neighborhood for the location of the home concert that Richard and I were going to on Saturday afternoon.

         Cabouche was close by so I stopped in for another Breakfast…

Two Poached eggs on a Corn Tortilla one with Red Sauce and one with Green.  Very good.   I walked down the street to find place where my laundry recommended for pressing clothes.

   On my return to home, I found another one that was closer and it was the one I gave up on finding.

  This time of day the shadows are more pronounced then at other times of the year.  I also saw some new art work on the side streets that I hadn’t noticed.

          The scheduled Dominoes game was cancelled for lack of people…last week it was me.  Milton didn’t make it this week.  I have a lunch engagement with Peter this afternoon so I will get out of the house and try and walk there.  I’ve been very lazy lately. Yesterday the Governor visited the Zocalo…all the roads in and out were blocked with Police in Riot gear.  I noticed one had a bandalier on that was load with tear gas shells. 

      Darcy was at Importando. I joined him for a Hot Chocolate and a chat.  He said the police did use the tear gas to disperse about a thousand protesters they showed up to welcome the Governor. It was good to see him.  He was sharing his lunch with one of the street urchins that sell gum. I think she was around 9 or 10 and looked like she needed to go on a diet but the way she scarfed down Darcy’s leftovers you wouldn’t know it. 

     I met Peter at Atila’s a restaurant , cooking school that seats about 10 people but has good food. We both had the Fish…it was good but we were both hungry after so walked down to pick up some bread at the bakery and have dessert there. I saw Peter last summer in Lee, Mass where he resides.  We had dinner then I returned to my cousins in Coxsackie where I was visiting.  We haven’t seen each other since I arrived except for a Church Tour he led that was very interesting.  
     I told him about Panama and my father doing Basic Training at Ft Jay in NYC before spending 6 years in the Canal Zone.  He too knew people that had organized the Union for the Black workers there and lived in the Zone for over 6 years at a different time.  

      Well it’s Friday and Adelina will be arriving to clean the condo so I’m off to the Market.  I got some eggs, Spinach, Avocados and a little two drawer storage box to put on top of my cabinet for my keys, wallet and notes. 
         I stopped on the way back for breakfast at PAN AM that Peter had recommended. Today is “Good Samaritan” Day.  Businesses all over town set up a free Beverage Cart in front decorated with flowers and an attendant to serve you a drink.  The drinks are different but all free for everyone.   You see people strolling along with a drink in there hand…even on the bus. PAN AM greeted me with a free drink.   I never liked the place but haven’t been this year and was pleasantly surprised at the remodel, service, and menu!  I had the Vegetarian Omelette with a Lassi.  Very nice.

    I was going to the bus stop and noticed another NEW restaurant Mall of sorts that was still under constructions.  It was group of shops like an upscale food court.  I might try their Happy Hour tonight.  Richard emailed me to tell me he wasn’t feeling good and couldn’t make the concert.  He went to a Doctor and got a shot and was going to take a nap…BUT if I still wanted to go to dinner, he is sure to be OK.  I informed him that 2 weeks without Dominoes has addled his brain. The concert is tomorrow night but we could meet at this new place tonight.

Richard met me there at the bar.  I had been early and still hadn’t received my drink or Tapas order.  I think I was the first customer for the bar and the cook. The owner John came over and after getting me my glass of wine, introduced me to the Mall Manager Fernando.  Richard nor I liked the “Special” wine so ordered off the Menu but because it was the first day opened, we decided to get a Pizza at one of Richard’s favorite places. We stopped at a gallery on the way.

 It was OK and we got a chance to catch up.  We decided to visit Luna y Sol for a last drink before parting.  Emilio and Natalie his wife, the owners, were there.  That ends this last week.

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