Saturday I arrived at the Opera House and was standing in line when a lady sold me an extra ticket explaining her friend couldn’t show up.  I though it a “Ruse” just to get to know this handsome man but it wasn’t.  She also had her husband with her.  Good seats for La Traviata.  I almost fell asleep before the first intermission so decided to call it a day and return home.


   I relaxed and watched a 5 star movie that I would not have given one star to.  Sunday I went to Pochote Market, had a Tamale and bought some Yogurt before stopping at the Bakery for bread.

 It was being “gutted” and they were in the process of moving across the street.  I returned home.

                  Monday I had breakfast at one of my favorite little Cafe’s then returned to the Bakery and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful new place these two budding entrepreneurs had created.  These two young Spaniards, I believe, got their education in France and were not only great Pastry Chefs but innovative, creative, imaginative, businessmen who had a knack for knowing what was needed and filling the void. I had some coffee and a Banana Muffin before leaving with my Bread.

            The streets in the Center had been blocked off for a Student Protest.  They were peaceful and I don’t know what it was about but re-routed traffic to bumper to bumper around the area. I noticed on my street someone had used tomatoes to fertilize the trees all down the avenue…at least 15 trees.

          That evening I met Tomas, my old neighbor at Los Nogales, for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants El Catedral.  Tom had reserved “his” table that he eats at when he goes there 3-6 times a month.  The Maitre ‘de knew and seated him and the waiter had his Martini before I even looked at the menu.  We had a really nice dinner starting with Oaxacan Tamale with Creme and Cottage Cheese that was more like a dessert…so good.  I had the Salmon and Tom had the Rib Eye Steak.  We walked back until we separated when we got into our neighborhood.

                Today I think I’m having dinner with Helen.  If you wonder why we all eat out so much, you have to consider Oaxaca has hundreds of really good restaurants from the little Mom and Pop to large Gourmet…with 3 courses running from $2-$12 on average…???? So what would you do?
              Helen and I decided to try a “new” Argentine pizza restaurant.  We each ordered Empanada
then different Individual pizzas to share.  It was OK and we had a nice time.

I over slept and missed my domino tournament. I think I’ll make an effort to go shopping today…last big one then I have to eat everything in the house before I leave in less than a month. I restocked my Gin and bought some cheese and hummus for Helen’s going away get together tomorrow.  

I slept late again then left around 3 pm for the going away party at Helen’s ….it was a fun time and until next year!


Well Helen got bumped as a stand-by and missed her flight so is now a guest at my home.  I left for breakfast while she worked on the computer and found another flight for tomorrow.  The library had a presentation about the Learning Center for poor students from surrounding villages to attend in Oaxaca in preparation for college or just to gain “learning skills”. Very nice.  I will attend their Open House next week.



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