I stopped on the way to our pick up point for departure to Teotitlan Del Valle for Michelle’s annual get together, for my Americano coffee.  Then wandered through the park to a nice park bench in the sun.

A Mexican Drum and Bugle Corp were practicing.  They were very good.  Then I spied Ginny and Helen and joined them and others.  Only one van showed so it was a bit crowded but we all arrived safely at Michelle’s home on the side of a Mountain.


      She greeted us and I introduced Ginny and Helen then we got comfortable with a glass of wine and started socializing.  There were around 40 people total and the lines was forming for appetizers.  The Michelle’s Mariachi’s arrived and started playing. They were very good. (click to see)
        We had settled at a table with two guys, an elderly lady, and three single ladies, one from Korea was a Pharmacist and had a phone cover to prove it.

 She was very fetching.

         We chatted and I wandered to take a few photos but it was dark so not many photo ops for my camera.


 The meal was a buffet so we took turns going to the kitchen and standing in line.  I enjoyed the meal but can’t say I knew what all it was…very tasty.  The dessert table was set up right next to us so I was one of the first on that.  We toasted the evening with some Mescal Michelle poured us. Then later hopped back on the bus to Oaxaca where the 3 of us hailed a taxi and went home.


MIDNIGHT SNACK….I slept well and don’t remember much about Sunday but Monday
I decided to get out and went to Terranova , a nice restaurant in the Zocalo for the Daily
Comida, a nice soup with Baked Chicken and Rice with Coffee and Cake after..$4.

Tuesday was drop off the laundry and a walk to the library for some exercise then I stopped at Sabe Sabor Restaurant for their Comida.  Nice Cauliflower and Spinach Soup with Teriyaki Pork Chop, Vegetable and Rice, then homemade Banana Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and coffee.  $3.

Wednesday was another do nothing day.  I think I went out for a short walk .  Be early then out the door Thursday to try and Win another Dominoes game.   I took last place again but Michelle was waiting to drive me out to her home for a Comida at her house that she was preparing for her house guest and the two of us.  It was a nice afternoon and a fantastic lunch with BBQ Pork Ribs, a nice Spinach and Mango Salad with Goat Cheese, Corn Bread and a Baked Potato.

It was raining a bit when Philipe arrived to drive me home.  When we reached the outskirts of Oaxaca it was dark, raining steady, and traffic backed up.  I slept real well that evening.

Helen was waiting with Ginny her friend for Ron, another retired winter visitor, and me to do an excursion into the country.   

I arrived at Helen’s…the little door at the left of the photo…neighborhood has gone downhill since I moved out.  Roberto arrived at about the same time with Ron and we loaded the car and off we went.  

Our first stop was the “Monument”.  Benito Juarez, President of Mexico (shortest President of any in the world, ever) was from the area we were headed to, the Sierra Norte.  He was Zapotec, one of the largest of 17 groups of indigenous people in the state of Oaxaca.  Chiapas has 10 groups and Michicocan has 7 I think.  Benito Juarez was separated the church from the State and expropriated all Church property .  Priests were not allowed to wear there vestments outside of the church and had to return the wealth they stole from the people. Needless to say Benito was popular.  I visited his house in Oaxaca last year.
        We started climbing mountains and going up up and up some more. We finally stopped at Colibri Restaurant for Breakfast.

            We all had Mexican Hot Chocolate.  I had a Mango Yogurt drink with Ron and we all had fried eggs except Helen had Huevos Rancharo.   Now we were ready for the Adventure.                     Roberto drove around hairpin curves and kept climbing into the clouds until finally we reached a Magical Town of 2000 people called…Capulalpam where we parked and roamed around while our guides were getting ready to take us on a tour.  

           Our guide, Lionel, took us through the Gate of Happiness to the Church that was build in 1559 and still had some the original plaster with dyed designs and depictions.

He explained that when the state took over the church property many of the churches were emptied of their Art work and carvings.  Many were stored in Parishioners homes then they were placed in remaining churches that were still used to say Mass…like this one that had Carving from over 8 churches along it’s walls.

We had a truck waiting to take us to a Holistic Health Clinic further UP the road. 

There we saw a treatment room where the patient was rubbed with medicinal plants and a diagnosis was given.  Then they may or may not go into the Sauna with or without clothes for another treatment…after maybe resting or getting a massage.  I bought some Jojoba Shampoo at there dispensary before continuing the tour to a Mira Vista , look out point on the summit.

I excused myself to start the trek back to the truck before the others.  I knew it would take me longer and a few stops back up the hill.

Now we were ready to eat dinner so returned to the car and headed back to a restaurant for Fresh Trout.  We arrived with a large crowd of families with their children, eating and playing along the river.  The wait was 20 minutes or more so we decided to try another Trout Restaurant down the road.

We left the beautiful area and shortly  we were at the other place.

Helen wasn’t feeling well so stayed in the car while Ginny, Ron and I had some beer, mescal, and Fresh Trout.  I was so hungry, I ate it before remembering to take a photo.
           Roberto drove us home and dropped me off on my street where a Wedding was taking place.  
I arrived to my nice clean home with flowers on the table and a new, slightly used bedspread.

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