Sunday, the end of a great week and the start of Adventures in Holland.  I finally got my photos loaded in my computer and spent the afternoon editing some at my “office” across the street while sipping on Mint Tea and having my yogurt for breakfast.  It is almost 3 pm and I’m wasting a beautiful day. Break time.

     Peter and Jeannette have been close friends for almost 30 years.  They have always been special people who mean a lot to me.  The days here have been a pleasure in this great neighborhood on Rooseveltlaan.  
    The weather has been fantastic and I’ve been out everyday walking around this great city of Amsterdam.  I’ve lost track of what I’ve been doing but today the weather changed into overcast, rain , and cool temperatures. It continued for the whole week while I got rained on and chilled.  I spent the last two afternoons at the Casino Poker table…making $50 Euros one day…losing $150 Euros the next. That ended my fun at the table.

        I tried a few new places and visited the Jordan area of Amsterdam…the old Jewish quarter. Watched a few Outdoor Chess games and just meandered about. The following is last week in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam Calliope

Glass Recycle 

Breakfast Poached Eggs on Ratatouille 

Vape to Experience Herbs and Spices

Creative Menu

       Jeannette ordered in some Tuna Steaks with Oyster Starters one evening and a nice salad. 


School is out.

 Vietnamese Coffee on the way around town….

               Jeannette made some delicious Mussels for dinner one evening then last night we ordered in an Indonesian Dinner that was so tasty!

      Yesterday the Sun came out so I headed for Dam Square and the Niewe Kirk…New Church for the 90th Birthday year celebration…of Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday with belongs of hers that Lee Strasberg inherited on her death. He kept them in storage for 40 years then when he died, his daughter sold them at auction. Now they are on exhibit at the Church, as appropriate venue.

           There wasn’t really a lot to see but it gave the appearance of a lot. Her baby cup, stockings, old photos, fake eyelashes, Sweater, etc.  I watched the 90 minute documentary then left.  Photos were limited. It did bring back a lot of memories.

   I made a trip down Amsterdam’s “Rodeo Drive” to buy some coffee for Peter and Jeannette.  

Coffee Anyone….
….and that was only one side of the street!

    The   temperature has dropped about 10%.  Tonight Peter and Jeannette are taking me out for my birthday I think.  I better post this and save the last few days for my last Post.

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