I arrived at Victoria Hostel around 9 pm that evening after catching my 4:50 flight out of Amsterdam and taking the train into Madrid on arrival.  My room and bill was ready.  I already paid for one night prior to leaving Spain in order to reserve the room for two nights.  Now they wanted me to pay for both nights.  I was not happy and didn’t keep the receipt from the September 20th payment before I left.  We agreed to discuss it in the morning when the day cashier was there.

          I went out to a nice Japanese Restaurant around the corner from me for a healthy dinner.  I thought the prices were good so had some organic wine with a special house salad.  I already ordered some Ramen Noodles thinking the salad wouldn’t fill me up. Oh, I forgot the Japanese Tapas served with wine.

I took photos along the way and the bartender noticed.  I think he thought I was a food reviewer so came over when he noticed I finished the salad and wine.  He introduced himself and took my plate away while returning with the Organic wine bottle to pour me my second requested glass of wine, while explaining the origin of the wine.  I felt very special and then another waiter delivered the Ramen Noodles.  

I took pictures of that too then after I finished my waiter offered dessert but instead I ordered Kabuki Sake Tonic or something like that.  I wanted to try a Japanese Cocktail.  The bartender returned to ask how I liked that and explained the ingredients.  

        Then the owner came over and introduced himself, explaining they just opened last month and he wanted to know if everything was OK and where I was from.  I told him and he replied he was used to be a car dealer for Nissan and worked with ABC Nissan in Scottsdale for quite a while when he lived in Orange County California. We chatted a while about him getting into the Restaurant business and my experiences.  I assured him I was not a reviewer but would return my last night. 

          The next morning I had a quick snack for breakfast, packed some more then headed for the Thyseen Museum for the afternoon.

 It turned out to be free that day so I enjoyed it even more and treated myself to a light Smoked Salmon sandwich and Cappuccino while I was there.

Terrace Restaurant

 It was only 5 pm when I returned to the room to freshen up so decided to have Happy Hour close by.   The Japanese Restaurant didn’t open until 6:30 so I did a short tour of the URBAN Boutique Hotel next door then enjoyed Tapas and Wine and returned to finish packing before my last healthy meal.

Take a close look at this SCUBA Diver

The owner of Victoria Hostel was waiting to explain they never charged my card in advance for the one night before I left for Amsterdam.  They ran the card and that is the bill I signed the day I returned…not another bill…so I did still owe one night.  Misinterpretation of Spanglish.  I apologized and paid my last night.  When I returned to the Japanese Restaurant is was closed…maybe the chef didn’t show? I got a great Burger and Shake at Steak and Shake, retired and checked out at 6 am.

 I took the subway to the airport and by the time I checked my bag and arrived at my gate is was only 8:30. I ran into two fellow Oaxacan’s.  Han’s from Holland and Pierre from France.  They own a lovely house in Oaxaca that they open for fund raising events from the library like catered Christmas Dinner’s or House tours.  Pierre was having his published book transcribed into Spanish and came to make sure it was right before submission.  They had arrived in London a few weeks ago and had been in Spain for a while but were now returning to London.  We talked a bit…it was a pleasant.surprise for both of us. 
           I arrived in NYC around 11 am that same morning but my flight for  Phoenix didn’t depart until around 4 pm.  I claimed my bag, went through customs then rechecked the bag to Phoenix and arrived at my gate around 1:30 pm.  I had the chills and shivers on and off since I left Amsterdam and could tell a bad cold was on it’s way.  I arrived in Phoenix and after taking the shuttle was home at 9:30.  It had been 24 hours since I left my room at Hostel Victoria and I was wound up but managed 6 hours of sleep.  

TSA Searched My Bag Again….I’ve gotten over 6 of these…anyone else?…at least they left the hash.

          Started the car the next morning and went grocery shopping…home again.  That was almost 2 weeks ago and I’m still sick.  Hardly ever left the house after the first few days except to see the Doctor.  The weather has been beautiful and it is nice to be home again.

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