Well I celebrate my Birthday tonight and plan one more trip before my departure. 

Kind of like Uber Taxi

            Peter and Jeannette arranged a Taxi to take us to WINK , a really nice restaurant where they had reservations.  The owner welcomed us and sat us while taking our drink order. The place was very small, 32 seats, and very attractively decorated.  The owner and one assistant managed the dining room while the Chef was busy preparing and also helped serve the food. We never ordered anything…just told him how many courses we wanted and sat back while he explained each course as it arrived. WINKs Menu

Celery Root, Raspberry Coulis, and some other stuff.

Scallop with Tangerine Creme and something else.

Leeks,Arugula, and something else?

Chantilly Mushroom Puree…and something else but really good stuff.

Peter’s Duck…and well you know.

Vanilla Panacotta with Carmel and Chocolate sauce…and…

Four different Dutch Cheeses with Homemade Mustard and Bread

Raspberry Tart with Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream and “Melba Sauce”

View from outside.

      It was outstanding very small portions with assorted complimentary flavors. It was the best meal I had ever had.  There were so many different ingredients I couldn’t keep up with it nor can I explain exactly what I ate. We retired shortly after returning home. 

Chef leaving on her Bike

     That morning my Chocolate Brownie Cake was waiting with my coffee and a nice card, Dutch chocolates and a fine bottle of  Spanish Riojo greeted me.  Later that day, Sanna, Jeannette’s daughter stopped in with a bottle of Italian Proscecci for me.  Bart, another old friend showed up to wish me a Happy Birthday.  That evening we ordered Italian food for a change.  It was excellent…but I forgot to take any photos.  

Smiling Sanna..her family is hosting a Kurdish Refugee from Syria

         My trip to Rotterdam was cancelled when Pim told me he was in Belgium and wouldn’t return until next week.  I decided to stay close to home as the weather, thought sunny, was COLD and windy. I took the afternoon and attended an exhibition at the Hermitage Art Museum, a very nice building and gallery.

The exhibit was Catherine the Greatest.  A collection of Catherine the Great , the Russian Ruler during the 19th century.  A remarkable women with a lust for affection, she had 12 known lovers, not much by today’s standards but still quite a number.  She arranged a coup and deposed her husband as ruler. 

     I stopped for some “Dutch Pea Soup” and Dutch Pancakes after.  It was not what the picture on the menu showed so I went to Mulligan’s Irish Pub for a wee Pint to fill me up.  Brian , the young man I met the last time I was there, arrived and bought me a beer before I left.  We had a nice chat, then I caught the Tram back just as Peter and Jeannette were finishing their dinner. Tomorrow is a do nothing day then the next day I pack and the following day depart.

       Today I tried Islanda , a local restaurant that Jeannette had been recommending since I arrived and it was great for breakfast, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Dutch Pancakes, Eggs, fresh Juice, Latte, etc.  I picked up my laundry and packed then this evening Jeannette served great Chicken Curry on Rice with some Ben and Jerry Double Chocolate Ice Cream with Whipped cream…nice end to my last night.  I think I added even more pounds on this trip then I already had!
          I finished my packing this morning and visited Islanda again for breakfast. I will catch the bus or Tram, to the train station and head for the airport around 2 pm…gives me time to say goodbye and plenty of time to catch the plane to Madrid.  Good-Bye Amsterdam, Holland.


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