I crossed Restaurant Mediterranean off my “bucket list” last night.  I would recommended it though a first and only meal doesn’t tell the whole story, it was VERY Good…as was the service.

8 Tables 36 Seat and Attractive

 Manuel Iraizos, the owner/manager, with his smiling professional nephew as a waiter succeeded in
making my experience very pleasing.  He has a number of Red Wines to choose from…all very reasonable…as it the entire drink and food selection.  I did see a Sauvigion Blanc listed as a White wine but didn’t notice others. His web site: Restaurant Mediterraneo doesn’t show the menu though I can assure you he has over 7 different Pasta dishes and 7 Featured Specials…as well as Salads,   

Botanas, and Tapas with very reasonable prices.  No “sticker” shock here. Hours are Monday thru Saturday 5 pm to 11.  Located at Abasolo 518 , it is a little more than a block off Pino Suarez just past Los Libros and next door to the best Mescal Store in Oaxaca.


My Choice was the Salmon. There was a Fresh Red Snapper for the Fish of the Day also. It was served with a green pesto like sauce with herbs, garlic and tangy vinegar.  Similar to Chimichurri sauce.

Not as pictured on the Website BUT ample portion and Excellent

The perfectly cooked Salmon was accompanied by a Rice Pilaf with fresh chopped Squash and Cherry Tomatoes also cooked to perfection.

 No room for dessert.
Later I discovered Manuel is from Oaxaca and lived here all his life, speaks fluent English, well traveled and charming man. A must try!  Say hello to Manuel from David who has to return to Arizona so won’t get to try the rest of the menu until I return.
I’ve been going to bed early so I don’t oversleep when I have to rise at 5:30 am on Wednesday to catch my flight.  Last night I awoke when the earth our 8 unit two story building started moving. My second earthquake here in Oaxaca in the last two years.  OAXACAN EARTHQUAKE

 To discover what Oaxacan Food is all about:  OVERVIEW OF OAXACAN FOOD

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