I am off to Casa Charles for our Monthly Men’s Happy Hour.  Today will be a Tribute to one of our Compadres , Ted, who passed away two weeks ago from Colon Cancer and is resting somewhere on top of Monte Alban looking down on us in Oaxaca. I arrived a bit late but the usual suspects were waiting..  Chuck arrived just after me and was the first to leave. I tried to dominate the conversation…what the hell …this is MEN’S HAPPY HOUR.  I live alone and so do many…so we fight to let loose of all those thoughts and ideas we have been carrying around in our head since the last time..  Hector showed and it was good to see him…I shared a gift to help his Mom with muscle pain.  He had to soak and extract the properties of this fine herb but knew what he was doing.  I forgot to bring the special oil to mix with it when applying it to the skin but will see him maybe tomorrow at Breakfast with Peter.

     Most of our or MY conversation was about getting deals on long distance flights.  I discovered that Mexican Insurance (if you become a resident) is good anywhere in the world…plus your Visa charges can be cheap vs USA.  In  country travel is 1/2 the price for seniors and Medical procedures, ie Hip Replacement, Dental Implants, Knee replacement is cheap but that is also available to US citizens …and so are the same procedures in India, Thailand and many other countries if your savvy in the world of travel.

       When I got loud enough, everyone excused themselves and returned to their respective homes.  We did toast the life of Ted who recently passed away…four times and I lost count but kept respect for Ted.   He was an outstanding person who might have been helped if his doctor hadn’t soft soaped his condition. He did realize later…it was serious and then it was too late. They did what they could which was cremate him.


       I stopped at Luna y Sol on the way for Pizza.  The Chef, a little cutie and I flirted back and forth.  It is what you do after 70.  Her attention flattered me…what can I say…and the Mescal that Hector brought to the H Hour just added to my bottle of Chilean Wine. I managed the bus to near by and walked home.

     Peter and I agreed to meet for Breakfast at a Cafe I passed that appeared to be very nice. I gave him the wrong directions and the next morning with my Blood Pressure at 71 over 40 …I tried to email and call him to tell him I don’t feel safe leaving the house but it was too late. I took a quick shower and took a taxi…I could barely walk…light headed and ready to sleep.  I got off but then realized I was at the right place but not the one Peter wanted.  I had a pastry and coffee to fortify myself to walk down the street where I knew Peter would be.  It was a place I had passed and never went in.  He was just getting ready to order along with his friends he invited to join him…a Interior Designer born in Jersey and living in NYC and her new mate…Peter’s landlord Abraham that owns the building he has stayed in during his Snowbird visits from Lee, Mass…over 10 years now.

     We had a nice breakfast but I was still weak so returned right home and stayed there until dinner time.  Tom, my friend had recommended this restaurant not far away.  I thought is was one I had wanted to try so walked up for Salmon with Hollandaise, a glass of wine and cheap Henrick’s Gin and Tonic.  I was satisfied but not impressed.

     Today I dropped my laundry off and took the bus to the library where I looked for the flyer on the Italian Restaurant.  It turned out that the one I thought was Tom’s recommendation and on my bucket list was NOT the one I ate at last night.  I returned home after picking up a script to deliver to my friend Helen in Rochester N.Y. in May then just played poker on the Internet until it was time to pick up the laundry.  I returned home and then went to get a hand written prescription from Helen’s Doctor since the Pharmacy would only give me one of the three she wanted.

      I picked up the script then headed for Epicuro , the nice real authentic Italian Restaurant that Tom wanted me to go to.  I walked in and knew it was the one.  I started with the House Red Wine that was elegant. They gave me a Tapas of sliced banana sauteed in olive oil and Garlic to accompany it.  The bread basket had your typical Bread Sticks but then some nice Italian Bread with a tasty Pizza like bread with cheese and a tart flavor that worked well with the wine.

     My order of Tenderloin of Beef arrived with nice Mashed Potatoes and Mixed Sauteed Vegetables. I had another Wine to go with that and was so pleased I had to order a Tawny Port Wine…Kafka or something like that to accompany my Fresh Pear Poached in Port wine with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream…made with fresh Mexican Vanilla Bean and served on Star Fruit.  I was in Heaven…I think I had an Orgasm…which would be a first in some time.  I tipped the Chef as well as the waiter and vowed to return Sunday to try the Pizza.

       Today I got a haircut …..tonight I am going to try a Mediterranean Restaurant. Why all the Restaurants…I had a list I never got around to…plus I can not get these meals at these prices when I return to Scottsdale!!!

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