Friday night Hector, our friend, came to have dinner with us.  I made some soup and salad and we staying in and enjoyed his company.
        Pochute Market was our destination Saturday morning.

After buying some flowers for mi casa, we left for Chris to buy souvenirs for friends.

Then we stopped at San Paulo Cultural Center

        Sunday we had breakfast at The Catedral Restaurant then bought some reading glasses so Chris could see.

Smoked Salmon Omelet with Cucumbers

             We called Nationwide Vision and asked for her Prescription for the $700 pair of glasses she bought there so we could maybe buy a back up pair of glasses here until she could claim the loss and get another pair for 20% of what she paid since they are partially warranted.  They were supposed to email the script but didn’t and would not give it to her over the phone!!  The reading glasses would work until she returned.  That night we joined Halina and Helen at Tres Bistro to watch the Super Bowl and have dinner.

          Today was a lecture at the library on the history of Oaxaca with lunch at Cabouche after.




 We stopped to get a Rotisserie Chicken to have for dinner tonight.  Picked up the laundry on the way home and are staying put tonight.
         Tuesday we took the bus to Abastos Market, one of the biggest in Mexico and the biggest in Oaxaca.

Abastos Market click for more.
             We took the long bus home via Montoya…my first visit.

          Today another lecture at the library and shopping for souvenirs at the Zocalo where we ran into my friend Darcy.

 Thursday we hike to the ruins of Atzoyma which was  the lecture we attended the day before.

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