Thursday we met our group from the Wednesday lecture and took vans to Atzompa historical site for a tour and a long…long…climb up the mountain.  It was worth the hike.

        When we returned that afternoon we stopped in El Escapalario Cafe for an exceptional Comida Del Dia.

      This morning we returned to the Pochute Market for Breakfast. I discovered REAL yogurt without sugar and home made goat cheese so bought both to take home.

Jewelry made from Empty crushed Metal Espresso Containers

     Returning down the hill toward the Zocalo we discovered a unique cafe to return to for lunch where we enjoyed a cup of coffee.

        I then bought some Chichicara Artesanal Mezcal Del Maguey.  Del Maguey brand was made popular by an Californian artist named Cooper that took a liking to Mezcal and the Oaxacan people over 20 years ago.  He is now considered the Grandfather of the Mezcal boom in America and has fought to protect and individual Mezcal producers from the now large corporate push to take over the market.

      We had our last visit with Hector at Tres Bistro tonight before Chris leaves.

      The Pope was broadcast in the Zocalo for all to see with the President of Mexico. Papa Francisco’s visit Celebrated in Oaxaca  Click to see.
       Saturday  Halina, Helen, Chris and I traveled to San Agustin Etla for lunch and another visit to the Cultural Center. Our lunch was great but the concert we went to see was non existent.  The web sites for this Cultural Center are confusing.  We did see a Photo Exhibit I had wanted to visit and explored more of the Center.  It was a pleasant day. I overpaid for some Rotisserie Chicken and brought it back with us.

Children Play where Bodies are Cremated by the Ganges

     Sunday was Valentine’s Day.  ¡Feliz Día Del Amor y Amistad!  Happy Day of Love and Friendship! As they say in Mexico. Valentine’s Day here is for everyone…not just couples or lover’s but friends!    Chris and I took the bus to Mexico City, checked into the Hotel Principle Downtown, and had dinner at the Sushi Roll, a very nice restaurant with great food.

Some Had Different Viewpoints…Stop Abusing Children

Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Day Donuts

       Monday we left for the airport after breakfast.

 We shared a taxi with a man from Bolivia. We got her’s and my boarding pass then I left her at the security entrance to her gate and after a few hours wait I boarded my flight back to Oaxaca.  End to a nice 2 week visit. San Agustin de Etla…click to view

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