The pain subsided so I headed for Tres Bistro and decided to treat myself to a nice dinner with wine…that should help my stomach feel better.  A BEAUTIFUL SALMON FILET AND VEGETABLES..melted in my mouth.  It was so good and Tres Bistro complimentary Chocolate (best in Oaxaca) and Coffee Liquor ended the best meal I’ve had since the last time I was there.

      Nice to be back.  It’s Friday and I’m feeling better, picked up my laundry and off to the Llano Market for some fresh vegetables, fruit and BBQ Chicken. Got so many vegetables I didn’t bother with the Chicken but after getting home and preparing the fruit and vegetables I headed for dinner at Biznaga instead.  I still have some stomach pain from my food poisoning when I arrived home so know I won’t get sick and the food in so healthy at Biznaga. I stopped at Olivos Bistro Gastronomic when I saw Vino y Tapas Feliz Hora.  The deal was 100 pesos for 4 tapas and one glass of wine.  Nice appetizer and pretty good but the wine sucked so I continued on to Biznaga for the Suave Sopas…Chicken Vegetable soup and good wine.

         That was better and came to less than 100 Peso including the tip.  Satisfied I took a taxi home but upon arrival I handed him 50 peso…and he looked at me…NO HAVE CHANGE!  Like I was suppose to have 40 pesos and he didn’t have 10 pesos change…I was pissed and determined to find change..but I was short so gave him the 50 pesos…after I thought I should have had him wait while I went inside looking for change like they do to you…keeping you waiting while they go business to business…NO one has change so always keep a stash.  A lesson I forgot.

     Deke, my new condo manager left a message that he would not be showing my place tomorrow morning as the people can’t make it until Monday.  It seems an upstairs apartment may be available.  The old manager is leaving in March of 2017 for sure and the other tenant may be leaving in three months…so I may be moving upstairs just before I leave!!!!  I’m excited.  So I slept late but after an hour and a half playing with my computer, I discovered my Internet was out when I awoke. I had a date with M for coffee.  We hadn’t got together in over a year since we met.  We kept making a breaking dates but finally were supposed to have coffee between M’s yoga class and her Spanish class.
       I stopped at an Antique Photo Gallery with cameras, photos, and tattoos.


          We met at Cafe Volador and had a nice conversation.  She applied for and was one of 12 accepted for a “Curator” program of a famous photographer’s photos at the Cultural Center in San Agustin Etla…a place I’ve been wanting to visit.  She ran off and I returned home to do some computer work.
       I stopped into a shop on Fiallo, my Street, where they do advertising patches, hats, etc.  I wanted something that said “MEXICO”.   I live here because I like it so felt I should be proud and wear it.  She is designing my new Cap to wear and I will proof it Monday.  I arrived home but still no computer connection.  It appears the whole entire neighborhood is down and may not be up until Monday?
         I left for lunch at Isabella’s then to the library to work on the computer but forgot it closes at 2 on Saturday…so I’m doing this in Los Cuilas Cafe before I meet with Hector for dinner. I walked up to Quinque and stopped at a Wine, Mezcal, and Beer shop that was all Mexican and bought a bottle of wine for dinner as Quinque doesn’t have liquor.

          I was early and took a table when Hector arrived and we were looking at the menu.  They corked the wine and we ordered just as Peter from Boston showed up and joined us.  We all had a nice dinner and conversation but I forgot to take photos until we were departing.


         Hector and I walked to the Zocalo and ran into Deke, my complex Manager, who we exchanged introductions and as I passed Importador I noticed Green Bay and Arizona were playing in the finals for the Super Bowl.  I continued on but then told Hector I wanted to return to go the bathroom before walking home so we parted ways.

      When I came back there were three men watching the game and my friend Rolando a waiter greeted me. Then I noticed my favorite band was getting ready to play while the Tuna band was serenading the customers.  I returned to the street trying to catch Hector to return and hear the band but couldn’t find him so returned to watch the game and listen to the band.

           I sat next to the three amigos who I thought were Americans watching the game so intently…I told them that I came back to watch Arizona beat Green Bay.  They didn’t seem to care but the game took a turn just as I was finishing my glass of wine and getting ready to call it a night.  I couldn’t leave now so ordered what the three amigos were drinking…Don Julio Tequila …then the game went into overtime at 20/20 and

……I ordered another…when Arizona closed the game with a win before my drink arrived.

 When it did…I joined the 3 amigos to find out who they were and toast a drink to Arizona’s victory.  They were all from Monterrey Mexico…two were brothers and the other was a friend.  One married an American from Florida but lived in Austin Texas and bought property in Mexico then built low income housing for the workers and their families.  He was intelligent and prosperous.  When I asked why they choose to take a vacation in Oaxaca…just the three men…they asked if I had heard of San Jose del Pacifico.  I replied I just passed through there and they replied they came to take the Magic Mushrooms.  It wasn’t their first time and even before they traveled to South American to try the Arythia Root Tea …another psychedelic drug that alters your thought process and changes your outlook on life. I asked if it worked or helped him…how did it change him…he said completely.  His wife was religious and never drank or partook in any drugs but both became closer and more bonded than before.  He changed and was a better listener and she in turn understood him and loved him more.  He was 41.


I bid them goodbye and took a taxi home.  When I came in the gate, signs of a birthday party was before me.


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