I am beginning to feel like I’m in a movie or this is a dream…not real. I slept fairly well my first night in Brisas, had a breakfast Omelet at “Crepes” owned by an Italian man that makes a good Cappuccino. 

       Seems like I’ve been here a week at least.  My money is running short so on the long way back to the collectivo station to reserve a space and buy a ticket,  I stopped at the ATM only to discover it was empty after the weekend.

I reserved my space for Wednesday departure and bought a ticket that left me with about $18 for the next three days…today, Tuesday and Wednesday for the trip home. While returning to Brisas, I encountered two guys carrying their luggage as I did through the sand…they made it look effortless.

         When I returned to Brisas, Dan, the owner,  told me Hotel Nude had an ATM so that evening I discovered was void of available cash but they did accept credit cards for purchases.  It was early..around 4 pm so I had a drink

and read until around 5 pm then had a glass of wine with the flies.  I went to take a drink, only to discover 3 flies swimming in my wine.  I sent it back for a new refill and decided to sit at the bar where I kept a napkin on my drink while I continued to read. 

      I wanted  to eat since they accepted credit cards but wasn’t really hungry so ordered some fish soup with more bones then fish but it was tasty and I was satisfied so paid and left.

       I was hoping to find another restaurant that accepted credit so I could get an appetizer or something to make it through the evening in hopes the ATM’s would be filled back up on 
Tuesday.   I returned to a cold shower then went back out.  If it was 90% in Phoenix it would be nice weather…here it is suffocating.

    Still hungry I visited another restaurant for Hot Chocolate and Spaghetti Carbonara…filling…not healthy.  I did hear a nice bongo drummer and the meal was only   $5. Want to see a first run movie???

    The ATM was in business Tuesday morning so I got in line, paid a slight premium but was flush with cash.  I love Don Pablo’s Italian Cafe so had a Fruit Tart, Espresso and OJ…then visited another restaurant for fried eggs, ham and beans.  Most of the day was spent sitting in a hammock and reading my book. Oh…it’s Happy Hour….later!

Scarch My Tummy

   I visited another Italian Wine bar that served Tapas with their wine.  Nice menu of all types of cheese and meat platters but after two glasses of wine with Tapas I decided an Oriental dinner better.

More Rough Life

 “The Indie” was closed and didn’t open until 7 pm so walked to Sativa , had a drink and I returned later to find Dan dining on dinner.

 He invited me to join him but he never stopped talking about his 6th Burning Man Gathering he went to this year…his last.  Too organized and lost it’s charm.  He had a 22 foot Motor Home with everything and parked in the Center with all the entertainment and conveniences. Met a lady in distress so undistressed and undressed her at his Motor Home…then drove off with her and left Burning Man for the last time.  I still haven’t been able to read the menu…I ordered and Dan finished and left.  He is a landlord and had lots of property before selling out and buying in Mexico 12 years ago.  He loves it but goes back to visit the children.

 I had a wonderful dinner and left too.
     The next morning I took a taxi to the Collectivo station after breakfast on the beach.

I met a California man that was returning to Northern California via San Jose de Pacifico and Oaxaca.

 He got off in San Jose when we reached our half way point and food stop. It was cold in the clouds.

 He told me the Magic Mushrooms were great but I staid on the bus and arrived around the corner from my condo at 5:30.

 It was nice to get back. 
    That night I awoke with stomach pains and food poisoning from my own cheese I ate instead of throwing out.  I got up late after a bad nights sleep.  I took some Alka Seltzer that night along with some anti acid pills.  Still not feeling well I stayed in until around Noon when I tried a fruit platter after dropping off my laundry.  I decided to return home and stay until the pain went away.

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