Helen, my old friend , made her annual pilgrimage to Oaxaca and arrived with her Granddaughter while I was in Zipolite.  We finally got together for dinner at Tres Bistro where I enjoyed another Salmon fillet with Vegetables.  We stopped briefly on the way back to listen to a little music at Importador.  She lives where I used to, just down from where I now live, so stopped by to see my new digs .  We may get together again on Thursday to visit the Cultural Center in San Agustin Etla with Halina joining us.

    I spent most of yesterday preparing for Chris’s arrival shortly.  Making arrangement for picking her up in Mexico City, staying over and going back and forth between Oaxaca and Mexico City turned out to be work.
            I stopped at unique little shop on the way to lunch.


Comida at Sabors was delicious and $3.

        Today I’ll visit the bus station and get tickets then still have to get airfare tickets and hotel reservations.   I stopped by the Dentist’s office while it was convenient nearby the bus station. He set an appointment Monday to do an impression of my crown to make a replacement.  It is cracked.
          I picked up my bus tickets to meet Chris and to return to Mexico City after the visit.
 I was on the Walmart bus route so took the bus out and shopped a bit then took the taxi home.  100 Peso..ouch.  Most taxis are honest but some take advantage and get lost or make a wrong turn because you weren’t clear enough.  I should have asked before getting in the taxi!
       There was a recommendation for a China Buffet in Llano park so I decided to try lunch there. The Vice President of Mexico was visiting today and arrived this morning from the airport…oh there he is now…


The China Buffet was  awful so will write a COUNTERPOINT to the review.

      This morning I attended a Gay Breakfast that’s held every Wednesday at 100% Natural Restaurant in Llano Park.  I knew a couple of the men through the Men’s Happy Hour but didn’t know any of the women that showed up.  It was a nice gathering and good conversation. Breakfast was good too but I forgot my wallet. Peter paid.

      I returned home and got the wallet then to the Library to pay Peter back.  I walked to the Chicken Roasters and bought one  and then stopped at the Opera House to get a ticket for an upcoming opera.

Ho Jo’s

Tomorrow I meet Halina and Helen to take a collectivo to  the Etla Cultural Center and finalize Transportation for Chris and I for when she arrives February 1.

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