I did nothing of note before meeting Richard at Viaja Lira Italian Restaurant for my first Pizza of the new year.  We stopped for dessert at Vino y Tapas then returned home.

    Sunday I met Marjorie at Tres Bistro to watch the Arizona Cardinal get trampled on 36 to 6…it was sad and disheartening.

 I ate some Ceviche and a Salad then visited the 3 Kings that were preparing to deliver gifts to the children of Oaxaca on Wednesday.

  An orchestra was setting up for a concert in the Zocalo.

 Then we joined Darcy and his sister Pat in the Zocalo for a Mezcal toast to the New Year and went home.

    Monday I visited the library to make a donation and reserve a seat for a food lecture on Friday. Then I met with Veronika, from Germany for lunch.

We stopped at the Graphic Arts Museum

and a Craft show  to buy some wood carvings for my Condo.

We parted and she returned to the country where she lives with an artist she is studying under to learn how to make figurines of clay.  I wandered home past all the “Jesus” Cakes that will be eaten on Wednesday when all the children of Mexico get one present for Christmas …brought by the Kings.  That is the only gift giving in Mexico.  Adults don’t get or exchange presents. If your lucky, you may get a piece of cake that has a little baby Jesus in it. Then you get to throw a party on February 2 for everybody…or something like that.

        I took a few pictures on the way home and stopped to buy a ticket to Zipolite on Saturday when I will bask in the sun on the beach for a few days.

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