I made it to the library to join the Fandango Card group.  Chuck had his car to transport us to Jane’s home in San Felipe for our weekly card game at 1:30pm.  Richard showed up but wasn’t feeling well. Bill and Enrique cancelled so me being a novice bowed out and returned  home for a nap.  4pm I rose , ran out to buy a whole cooked chicken with macaroni salad and returned to dinner.

      Today is New Year’s Eve Day.  I walked to the Nut House and restocked my shelves with nuts, lentils and cranberry raisins.  On the way home I stopped at the Oaxacan Coffee Company for a Cappuccino then picked up some Mezcal for a New Year’s Eve drink.  That evening I went on the roof at Midnight to see the fireworks.

 They were all day long but mostly just loud fireworks.   I saw a few rockets and colored ones that night but not a lot even though the noise went until 2:30 am.NEW YEAR’S EVE FIREWORKS IN OAXACA (Turn up your Volume)
     My toilet broke today but everything would be closed being New Year’s Day. I hope that is not a omen for the coming year. Tomorrow is Saturday maybe Monday I can get it fixed. I met Richard for Happy Hour on the roof near the Santa Domingo.

 We ate too then returned home.
    This morning Hector, the landlord, came and looked at the toilet and asked my maid, Adelina to repair it…she did and it works great.  It was a beautiful day so I took my afternoon bus to the Library but stopped at a new Cafe called Barista, a very intimate coffee shop run by a lovely Mexican couple.
I had a AeroPress Espresso with homemade Strudel.

I have been using AeroPress in Scottsdale and here for 4 years and couldn’t make an Espresso as good as that.  That convinced me to try Fresca Kiwi cold drink..which was out standing.  The library was closing when I arrived so walked to the Santa Domingo Plaza to have some files printed…then to the Zocalo to read and relax before returning home. There was “Another Wedding” going on..the time of year?

How old is she!!!….and HIM!!!

Is the Groom Crying?

Notice the photographer in the window?

Groom’s Pant’s fell Down

They all Dance the Whole Procession from the Church

Not everybody Dances

      I’m meeting Richard again tonight for a Pizza at Viajo Lira, a very nice Italian Restaurant that Richard hadn’t been to.

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