Adios Richard…Rooftop at Casa Azul

      I returned to my new cafe, Barista, for coffee and had a sandwich for lunch.

Grasshoppers are rich in protein and add zest to Soups, Salads or eat as a snack.
     I forgot to mention that yesterday morning before I met Veronika, I stopped at a clinic to check my Cholesterol.  My muscle pain was so bad I discontinued taking my statin drugs.  They were causing the pain from over 25 years of taking them.  It had been two weeks and I was feeling so much better BUT with my bad health record I sided with caution and wanted to check my blood.  I walked in and the Doctor came out and asked me to wait a moment while he took care of a patient. A few minutes and they left so I went in.  He drew blood, asked me to put my name on the test sheet and give him 100 Pesos…$6.  He told me to return in 2 hours for test results.  I stopped on the way home and as expected…they were high so I returned to the statins until I get back to my doctor and have him recommend an alternative.  If I had been in the US, I would require a referral to my Cardiologist from my primary care Doctor…then wait for an appointment, go in, pay a copay, see the Doctor and get a referral for the blood test….go to a clinic and wait then have the test…then return to the Doctor a week later when he received the results for a decision.  We wonder why our health care costs are so high?!

          Richard was leaving Wednesday so I called to see if I could buy him a farewell drink .   After twisting his arm, he agreed so we went to the Casa Azul Rooftop around the corner from where he was staying.

We shared Mushroom Tamales and I had some vegetables with goat cheese wrapped inside while Richard had some Black Bean Soup.  

I stopped at the Women’s…er the Men’s room before I left….

Much nicer than the one earlier….

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