The big day for the children has arrived.  Last year I picked a card off the Christmas tree at the library then bought a pair of shoes for a 12 year old boy in an orphanage that the library likes to support.  I never went to see where the orphanage was when the presents were passed out but this year I accompanied Marjorie to meet her girl she bought a gift for at the orphanage.

    This is the only day the children receive one gift from the Kings…like baby Jesus did.  They don’t have gifts under the tree and adults don’t buy gifts for each other on Christmas either.

       Most Mexicans wash their clothes my hand in a sink too.  They knead them like bread then hang to dry.  Richer Mexicans may have a washing machine or a maid to do their laundry by hand.  They also take it to a laundry where others wash it for them then pick it up the same day.  Very few people have Dryers as most clothes are hung to dry.  I don’t think I’ve seen any in my 40 years I’ve been coming to Mexico.
       We joined an artist from NYC and another Teacher from Chicago area for lunch after before returning home.

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