Today I bussed to Walmart to buy a Rechargeable Water Pic , and food for my Pot Luck contribution for the Christmas Dinner at the Library. One hour out, one there, one back. It was a beautiful day but No Walnuts for my salad and nut Granola and No Water Pic.

    Richard moved into Mariposa B & B so wanted to give me his “Kitchen” stuff as he was leaving in a week for Columbia.  He was checked into the same room I stayed in when I arrived in Oaxaca 4 years ago.  I took my bag of “stuff” and we headed for the Santa Domingo Plaza roof top Happy Hour.  After a Mango Margarita…best I’d ever had…and a glass of wine with a meat platter to share…we headed for last call at Tapas y Vino for one more wine.  It is near my bus stop. I got back home with my “stuff” and a leftover meat platter.

    My maid Adelina stopped by to see if 11 am was OK to clean house tomorrow. This is a rough life!  Tomorrow I’m supposed to travel to a village for a music “jam” session.  I also have to start preparing food for the Pot luck but it is the 21st now.  23rd is the Radish Festival. 24th is a big deal   up until Midnight Mass…I will take my camera.

Across from Merced Market

Organic Pachote Market Breakfast

     I returned to the Organic Market while Adelina cleaned.  I ate Farm Fresh Eggs and Vegetables then visited the library and just relaxed before returning.  Richard wants to return for Mango Margaritas…how can I refuse.  Tomorrow is the Radish Festival.

     I left to meet Richard but stopped at the San Pablo Center to take some photos and then up the Acala to have a Mango Margarita.



Eat your Vegetables

 Richard and I went to the Zocalo to watch the progress as they were building the Platforms for the people to see the Radish Sculptures on display.

On the way home I stopped at what looked like a block party but I think was a wedding with the brides whole community bussed in from the country…very festive.

Fernando and Me

Radish Ramps in Background

Wedding Band

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