The Radish Festival is December 23rd each year at the Zocalo and is a competition for the best Radish Carving as well as Dried Creations and a couple other categories but the big $$$ goes to the first prize Radish Carving.  These radishes are LARGE and small grown for long time with Miracle
Grow I think?  Tables for each contestant are placed side by side surrounding the Zocalo with Ramps built around that for the public to walk on, take photos and view the displays…the line goes for a serpentine mile or more with a wait up to a hour or more to get on the ramp.

Bands Play


Clowns Entertain…just after this picture…she picked me out of the crowd saying something is Spanish that caused a lot of laughter….???

This event was started in the late 1800’s by Monks as part of a fund raiser for their parish in Colonia La Noria neighborhood of Oaxaca and developed into this world class tourist attraction every year.

These are just a few of the the 80 plus displays.
       The day before Christmas was busy everywhere. …con’t next blog. 

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