InterCambien vs Home Depot…Jaime and Classical Spanish Guitar…Sol y Luna (Abi and Judith) …Dinner, Jazz and Home

     My intercambio with Marjorie fell apart after we arrived.  A Mexican lady directs two English speakers to sit with two Spanish speakers.  To do this, she picks them out of the crowd.  Marjorie had a friend Mariposita who was sat with Marjorie but then another English speaker was chosen to join them.  Not speaking good Spanish I didn’t know how to tell the lady that I wanted to be that person. Marjorie knows I can’t hear well so an other person may be someone I can’t hear.  Not a good start to learn a language …so I left for Home Depot instead.

      I had to walk from the bus stop and needed a rest from the leg cramps.  It was a fantastic Home Depot and I got everything I wanted including a new friend Jaime.  He worked in Phoenix for 2 years and introduced me to his wife and daughter. He wants to open a business here teaching English to Mexicans.  His father lives here and has a restaurant in the La Noria Mercado not far from where I live.  When he introduced me to his wife, he told her I was a friend of Joe Arpaio’s.

      The taxi that drove me home had a flash drive in his radio playing Spanish Guitar music.  I managed to communicate to the driver in Mexican.  We talked about different Spanish Guitarist and his favorites and mine. He helped me unload my “stuff” and was very friendly.

      Dinner time came and Marjorie and I went to Sol y Luna to meet Richard and Abi for dinner and entertainment.Great Jazz Band

 A very good jazz band were playing that evening and Richard had made reservations for us a week ago.  We shared a Pizza for starters then had dinner.  Just as we were finishing, the band started playing.  A Black lady from Miami sat behind me by herself. She introduced herself as Judith, a tourist here for a couple of weeks.  A few Mezcals later we parted for home.

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