Six thirty in the Morning we begrudgingly rose to catch a taxi at 7 am outside the gate.  We had packed so just had to shower and dress…not so.  I jumped in the shower in order to wake up…I did.  No hot water but I put in the shampoo and lathered up to discover…NO WATER!  The shower had quickly dwindled to a trickle then NADA.  I grabbed my liter of drinking water to wash off the soap…then another…then another.
I dried off and left to catch the taxi waiting for us.  Bad beginning to a Great Day.
      We arrived, checked in and were in the restaurant eating pancakes by 7:30.
We flew out around nine and arrived at El Principal Hotel by 11 am, after catching another taxi at the Mexico City airport.

      We unpacked and caught a Taxi (they are so cheap in Mexico) to Frido Kahlo’s Blue House, home, on Valentine’s Day and a long line to enter.  We got in it and within a half and hour were touring the home and gardens.  Great choice for a start on a Great Day.

     This is the Coyoacan Artist Neighborhood that featured a Saturday Bazaar that was one of the largest in Mexico. We wandered around lost without a map until we encountered the Mercado and the Bazaar.  It encompassed the whole center of the neighborhood including a large park where a “pow wow” dance was taking place.Valentine’s Pow Wow Video?

     We wandered through the markets, art exhibit, crowds of people out for Valentine’s Day, the Dancing the ended with a light lunch at a nice side street cafe.



        Valentine’s Day in Mexico is for Friends and Lovers and is celebrated by all!

We returned to the Zocalo but the music was so loud and we were tired so retired early.LOUD MUSIC VIDEO

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