There are four days before departure to Mexico City and very little going on in Oaxaca…very rare.   The weather is excellent for just lounging around on the patio and reading or catching some sun.   Today we will plan our two days in Mexico City.

         The following day, we had lunch at La Cuisine.  It was full so we shared a table with Nayibe, a Oaxacan with Iraqi parents.  She spoke fluent English, French, and Spanish.  Our meal was good but not exceptional…except the Tomato Soup and the Chocolate Pie! I would go back for a second sampling.

      I was going to show Chris the Church Benito Juarez, past President of Mexico from Oaxaca,  was married “at” not in because he didn’t believe in Catholicism but loved his Catholic wife so married on the doorstep. He was also the shortest President in the history of the world and an indiginous decendent of an ancient civilization.
       Just as we approached , a band started and out came a huge crowd holding flowers and formed a parade behind a hearse to the cemetery.

 The band followed…reminded me of New  Orleans…happy music.

         Wednesday was the Danzon weekly get together at Almeda Park.

         We arrived at 12:30 for the start and stayed for some pictures and just to enjoy the music and dancing.  This came to Mexico from Cuba and is very popular.  Anyone can join in as they do in Oaxaca as well as Mexico City where Paul McCartney of Beatles fame once joined in.
     We wandered over to the Cathedral to see the Pipe Organ there and a Mass was taking place.PIPE ORGAN VIDEO

     Thursday we had a mid afternoon lunch at Biznaga.

Chris had the Suave Chicken Soup with “Stuff” and I the Quiche. She had the Grilled Fresh Salmon with Pasta…took most home for snack. Oh…I almost forgot the best part.

  One of the owners bid us goodbye

 That evening we had dinner at  Expendido Traditional, a rather new very attractive restaurant that specializes in Local recipes and Mezcal.

 The place was lovely and the seat were the most comfortable I’d ever sat in at a restaurant or anywhere.  Very Ergonomic. My pork ribs were OK and her Chicken was very good…but the only exceptional part was the presentation.
      Our last day before Mexico City we went to the local market around the corner where I purchased some Marigold flowers for a “Heart Healthy” Tea.

 I overpaid but got a photo.  We stuck around Yagul, my condo, and just enjoyed a perfect day before taking a walk downtown while stopping back at Expendido Traditional to have a beer. The real reason we stopped was that I had to use the bathroom bad.  It had been a problem all day due to the food I think I had there the night before. We went to Vino and Tapas for a Wine and some Cambert Tapas that I knew I couldn’t get sick on.  We were going to stop again for some great Empenada’s at El Sol and La Luna but made a wrong turn to headed home and turned in early for the 7am Taxi to the airport and Mexico City.

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