I read a recommendation for SAK’s Restaurant, in the Polanca Neighborhood of Mexico city, that had a nice Sunday Brunch.

 We took a taxi and got our name on the list as it was filling up.  Gorgeous building inside and out.  Very impressive operation but the professional staff was a little to good…hovering over your every move instead of standing back and only coming over when needed.  We enjoyed our meal with fresh juices, fruit, and varied selection of entrees along with pastries..etc.


     We took a taxi to Reforma.  It is a main calle that is blocked off on Sunday to allow bikers and pedestrians free walk of the street.ZUMBA VIDEO

 We walked to Chapultepec Park looking for the Lottery Building.

 It was an old Art Deco Masterpiece I had hoped to tour but when we couldn’t find it, we entered the Hyatt Regency and asked the Concierge for directions. We had been walking in the opposite direction took a taxi back.

 We took some photos but couldn’t get in on Sunday so took a taxi to visit the Jumex Museum.

A quick tour there and it was time for the main event.  The opera The Elixir of Love by Donizetti was played at the Palacio De Belle Artes, the most beautiful building in Mexico City.


 We arrived just in time but left after the first intermission.  We were really enjoying it but were hungry and tired so went to eat at an Argentina Restaurant.

David was so hungry that he forgot to take a photo of the main attraction…the almost 2 pound grilled steak followed by Carlos I Brandy and Crepes.
       We visited the Cathedral the next day before catching the taxi to the airport and going our separate ways.

It was a great visit and a wonderful time.

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