People interested in Oaxaca can get a lot of information on this site:


    Sunday Helen and her grandchildren and I had a wonderful dinner at Viejo Lira, my favorite Italian Restaurant in Oaxaca.  They were all leaving for Mexico City the next day.

Great Photo…Lousy Photographer

    Monday started off the Monthly events at the library with a fascinating lecture by Linda Miller on Haciendas of the state of Oaxaca.  Then Tuesday another lecture on the Spanish Inquisition and it’s effects on Mexico.

    Tuesday.  There was a mix up with my Casita…studio and Tere ask me to move again.  Well Helen’s  grandchildren spent their last two days with Helen touring Mexico City before starting back at school. I started moving back to the condo.  Had to meet Richard for an Eye appointment in my neighborhood.  He got a major infection and had to have his eyelid lanced to drain it.  He couldn’t see to well after so I guided him to a restaurant where we had lunch while the drops in his eye wore off.  He took the bus to the pharmacy for meds and I went back to moving.
     That evening I went to my lecture on the Spanish Inquisition.  This retired professor that had been coming to Oaxaca since 1961 and now lives here…was awesome.  He is doing another in February that I won’t miss.

Getting Bus Tickets

     Wednesday the maid arrived to clean and I already had the beds stripped for her and moved most of the kitchen stuff into the downstairs while she cleaned the upstairs.   The upstairs of the condo was now free for me to move back and share for the rest of the month with Helen rather than move to another Casita and have to pay more.  Feels good to get my bed back.  Took me most of the day yesterday but I’m settled in.  I did visit the Bakery for some really good rye bread with pumpkin seeds and pecans.

Real Silkworms…Silkworm Cocoon carved into a Rose and Necklace Made from Baskets of Cocoons

      Thursday…chilled down so may stay here until Happy Hour.  I need to start working on my taxes and catch up on my reading.  Helen should be returning before Happy Hour? Guess not…Viejo Lira for Pizza and wine.  Retired early and woke just after Helen arrived on the overnight bus.  They had a good time.


    Friday…Walked to the center and met Beth and Richard to play Dominoes.  We played about 4 games and Beth had to meet a friend from the other town in the states she lives in when not in Oaxaca.  We broke the game.  Richard and I ate lunch there before stopping at the Opera for tickets to Carmen tomorrow night.I’m slowing down…forgot to take pics of the dominoes.

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