The arrival of the Snowbirds from Canada, Norte Americanos, and the rise in tourism from all over the cold parts of the world.  Helen, Hannah, Sonya and I all spent yesterday going on a tour Helen arranged to see the effects of Micro Lending on a small scale to help give people an opportunity to move ahead on their own doing what they enjoy…with responsibility and reward…or failure.


 The Micro Lending for the most part has been a boon and a success by offering small loans to people with little or no collateral.  Yes there are interest rates that vary, loan sharks, bogus companies, fraud and out and out theft.  Yet that was growth in a new industry that opened up opportunities for personal improvement as well as opportunity for fraud.  Now it seems to have improved.
     I really enjoyed the day.  10 of us and our two Micro Lending Reps from the NPO that does this.  Non Profit can mean a lot…I don’t know how anything can survive without profit.  Money profit, food, benefits, opportunity, education, experience, all  is profit.  Some reap huge cuts off the top in Administrative fees and that is my objection…along with Corporate Correctional Facilities (PRISONS for PROFIT)..Privatizing our Water Supply, Taxing Food or Medicine, Tax Free Churches, the whole Electoral System, our War Machine, Teacher Tenure, etc…GMOs,STOP!!! 


      So anyway…we got to visit the businesses and they were all in the home.  The community prospered and Micro Lending paid a small part…how much I’m not sure but it was a benefit.  The families benefited also from shared responsibility in making a success and being proud of their craft and accomplishments.  The children stood right up with the parents and grandparents as equals and assuming some necessary role in the completion of their product , whether it be intricately woven rugs, embroidered aprons, purses, jewelery made from silk worm cocoons, or making Mescal.

     When we had finished the visitations of the businesses,  lunch was served.   We returned around 4-5 pm exhausted and retired early.  




Sonya and Hannah left for another tour that would take them to Mitla…another Temple that was shared by two civilizations that lived together. The Zapotec and Mixtec????

Helen and I had coffee in the center at a new Cafe Brujula .  It was more convenient and quality was great but the seats were uncomfortable and it lost it’s intimacy with all the “street tourists”.  I realized I left my wallet home so we returned after having got bus tickets back to Mexico City for Helen and the girls. After finding my wallet, I was happy just to be home …so stayed there.  Got to get a ticket for Chris to visit in February…had it today but didn’t have the info necessary to book it.  Lecture tomorrow. 

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