Every month or so, the  Teatro Macedonia De Alcala  , features a Simulcast from the Metropolitan Opera in New York.  It is Closed Caption in Spanish..so like a language and cultural lesson at once.  Saturday I got to see The Barber of Seville with Isabel Leonard as Rosina.  

      I bought a ticket for what I thought was the upstairs loge, so I could sleep if necessary.  There was a Spanish lady there, so I assumed I shared the box with her. She informed me I didn’t.  I then checked with the usher and discovered I bought the seat below her on the first floor and ended up sitting with an acquaintance.  He was a retired lawyer from Louisiana who took a case to the Supreme Court and won.  He was also an Opera buff that started going when he was 15 years of age.  He had toured the MET in NYC and saw many Operas there in his day.  He listens to WXXI out of Rochester. N.Y. every Sunday on his computer because they play Operas.  It was a spectacular performances by all the cast.  I left after the first intermission.  The Theater is air conditioned and I didn’t dress for that.  It was still worth the $10 ticket.
        I went to lunch at La Quinque.  It is a popular restaurant I used to frequent but this was my first time back since last visit to Oaxaca.  The Chef greeted me and took my order for Fresh Baked Salmon with Seasoned Spinach on top.  It was delicious.

I already ate half.

        SUNDAY       Today there is a final concert marking the end of the 21 day International Music Festival.  I am off to see that.  People ask, what do you do in Oaxaca.  Everything I possibly can.  There is an abundant selection of all kinds of activities and great weather year round.  There is a lot in the evenings that I don’t attend.  Not because it’s not enjoyable but I rather be home relaxing and in bed early.

Belgium Brass Band

Oaxaca’s Orchestra

Soprano Singer

      The concert started out with speeches about the Festival.  The Belgium Brass Band played followed by a full orchestra doing Mozart.  A soprano female joined and did another set then I left during intermission.  There was a classical Guitarist coming on but I was tired already.

MONDAY     Bill had my Mi Pad ready when I arrived at the library this morning.  Enrique’s labor charges turned out to be 300 Pesos instead of the original 200 he estimated. Seems China confounded him and it took longer than expected.  $20 was not bad for 1 1/2 hours on a computer by a pro. 

        I met my connection for  lunch and finally stocked up for  the next 5 months.  I was almost out.  That costs me lunch, a few beers and another 300 Pesos.  I returned home a satisfied customer, retired early after preparing my lunch for  tomorrow’s hike to Yagul.  My casa is named Yagul…coincidence?

 I had been doing more walking in preparation for this hike.  It was 4 miles and flat land, which is the easiest hike of the year and first stop is the ruins to explore before walking to the local village.  A 12 year old could do this…my first 5 mile hike when I was 12 with Boy Scouts and a back pack for  a  weekend outing in the woods. Guess what…I did it then but couldn’t do it now!  

      I did buy a pair of shoes, having left mine at home, but they were leather, casual, and not for hiking.  I put on heavy socks and my Columbia Sandals, shorts, short sleeve shirt and a baseball cap.  I used my computer carrying case for water, sandwiches and and orange. 
      Oh…she is back at work!

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