Some days I’m hesitant to depart my Oasis and venture out for fear Oz will come upon me like a tornado, suck me into it’s Vortex then drop me at my door at Midnight totally confused, amazed, bewildered, happy and awestruck …all at that moment…Oh …that was last night.  Get a grip, don’t drink Mescal on an empty stomach…or just don’t drink Mescal..Whoa.   The maid woke me to clean the house.  
     I took off to the library and meet Bill and Enrique to find out if they managed to get China out of my Mi Pad. They weren’t there so I had lunch and returned home and stayed there just relaxing or recouperating.

I returned to the library to try and catch Bill and Enrique and see how my Chinese Mi Pad was doing.  Couldn’t find them so being the actual date for the Mexican Revolution I meandered over to the Zocalo area took some photos, had a coffee and returned home to meet with Lisa. 


      She wanted to reimburse me for booking her place at the library for Thanksgiving.  I had been trying to get some American dollars to send my Grandson for his birthday and couldn’t find any so Lisa said she would drop off some that evening on the way to Yoga.  I reimbursed her in Pesos then left for dinner at Veijo Libre Italian Restaurante for , you guessed it…a Pizza.  Regrettably I departed without my camera.
     I feasted on the best Pizza Primivera I’ve ever had, a great Malbec wine while listening to some wonderful blues music in the background.  I saved half the Pizza for a snack then took off for the Opera House and a concert by the Brodsky Quartet from London.  
       They did Shostakovitch , a Russian composer.  Just awesome and the first time I had the experience of witnessing a world class performance…FREE.  When I tried to enter, the usher told me I would have to leave my Take Out…Out of the theater.  I told her I wasn’t going to eat it but she protested the smell of food was not good during a concert.  I left it then found a seat but kept thinking of how good it was.  I refused to give it to a beggar …but gave the boy money instead.  I had five minutes before they closed the doors.  Returning outside I grabbed my take out, ran around the corner, took it out of the Styro container, placed it in the bag, tied it , put it inside my coat pocket and was back in my seat just in time for the start.  
     The Quartet was sharing the stage during the first half of the performance with 8 other musicians that sat behind them and played musical chairs whenever they played a different piece.  The students got to play with the masters.  It was interesting but I was getting bored, tired, and starting to smell like Pizza.
       When the intermission came I tried to duck out the side exit.  I went out the wrong side and ended up almost entering backstage when I encountered one of the student musicians I had just been listening to.  She directed me back from whence I came.  Now the real show was about to begin so I sat down prepared to take a nap….no nap.  The Quartet was on stage and performing at it’s best.  It was awesome, oh I said that before…well I enjoyed it immensely.  
      I took a taxi back and retired immediately. PROMISE I WON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT MY CAMERA AGAIN!!!!

My Green Space Oasis

Water Helps my Bougainvilleas

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