This Holiday is celebrated today but is actually on the 20th of November.  Bus loads of parents, relatives and friends of the Missing 43 are arriving in Oaxaca today. There is a protest Procession through the town to the Basilica to bring attention to the unsolved mystery of the students that were taken away.  There have been seventy arrests so far.  Five of the students were shot and killed on the spot. March for Ayotzinapa.


Got a great night’s rest. I was leaving when Tom Wolfe, my neighbor , commented he seldom sees me.  That I seem to come and go like a cat.  We chatted a bit and he mentioned that yesterday was Buen Fin day…or something of the sort.  I recalled seeing Buen Fin posters but had no idea what it was.

 Well Tom explained it was Independence Day  Promo like Black Tuesday or Monday or whatever that Free Enterprise , Consumer, Capitalistic Sale to get everyone spending their last dime or going over the limit of all their credit cards in the insane belief they are SAVING FUCKIN MONEY…because it is the sale of the year.  Spend all now…because it won’t be cheaper until next year…or until the next sale. 

  So Tom confided that he went out and bought ALL the boxed Tinto Vino in the store at Pitico…Circle K…7/11…and he didn’t care what they thought…even though when they questioned him, he jokenly lied that he was resupplying his restaurant…but in reality, he was reinforcing the American Captalist belief…BUY More when low…sell high.   Mexican’s, I think resented that bravado when they are struggling to feed themselves…yet I would have taken advantage of that sale had I known…and it would have been for Tinto Vino (not all they had but maybe a quarter of it.  Now I know my neighbor and I have something in common.  Perhaps I can shame him into sharing some of that boxed Tinto Vino with me?   

So I arrived at my Doctor’s office this morning to drop off updated scripts and blood workup…just in case. 

 Visited my ex-landlady to contact one of her employees.  I am meeting Juanita this Saturday to see if she will make me Pumpkin Tamales to contribute to Thanksgiving Dinner next week. 

 Met with Barbara to look at the other 1 Bedroom she will have available and took pictures of both.


#4 Second Choice

Price is high but told her I’d think about it then got a haircut from my Oaxacaquena Barber…he trimmed my beard…Sean Connery…eat your heart out. 

 There was a concert at the Basilica where I met Gloria in her wheelchair with her Mexican Caretaker.

 They had come for the concert also, but neither of us realized it was an electronic music concert….sounded like something from outer space echoing through the entire neighborhood with people just standing in bewilderment at the strange sounds that seemed to come out of the sky.

 After Cappuccino and Crepa Exotic at Nuevo Mundo

I took the bus to the Plaza de Valle to get my SHOES.

 The recommended shoe store kept me waiting while FOUR salesmen stood around trying to look busy.  When I would approach them they said just a minute. So I thanked them and sat down and waited and watched them mill around.

 Stupid Gringo Tico like the Senorita Bar Girl that gets you to watch her pour you a tall shot of Tequila from a shot glass she pulls out of a holster that is holding up her bikini.  Then tilts your head back while she pushes her breasts against your chest and takes your head in both hands after you put the Tequila in your mouth and then shakes the shit out of your head while shouting in Mexican…under her breath…you stupid gringo…have another!  The audience claps, you have a stupid grin and an empty wallet as she moves on to the next gringo. All you gringo friends can’t wait to show you the pictures.

I left and went next door to another store that Barbara , my maybe new landlady next year recommended and was greeted by everyone as I walked through the store…like Selfridges in England.  The shoe salesman immediately greeted me and listened while I explained what I needed.  He then presented me with shoes to try on and 10 minutes later I walked out happy with new shoes.

 Then at the Sorina in the mall, I found some Chic Peas for a salad, Shampoo with Keratin, some smoked pork chops and a Birthday card for my Grandson.  

Then the bus dropped me at my front door and now I’m off to Happy Hour next door to where I might live.

 I want to find out what that place is like at 2 am on a Saturday night…since their back wall is my bedroom wall.

      They do serve good wine at a good price.  The place was empty but happy hour was over at 6 pm when I finally arrived.  I went up to the roof top and it was nice but my patio was below on the other side of the wall and there were speakers set up on the roof for music late at night.  I inquired about live music and they said no but while sitting on the roof top I could hear loud music being played through the sound system from below…with no customers except me.  I have to return again on the weekend during the late night hours to see how loud the music is.  Perhaps that is why the people in the unit I want are leaving?

     I had a great walk home in my new shoes.  My feet were questioning why they were confined to a shoe.  It had been a number of months.  I reassured them it was for their own good.  I had no ankle pain or fear of spraining an ankle with the new support. 


 I stopped at a Doll shop that I’ve passed by many times but this time the proprietor was there to greet me. She reminded me of my Grandmother that used to make Barbie Doll clothes for my children. This lady made and created dolls and doll clothes.  It was a strange feeling, like going back in time…Twilight Zone.   
       I remarked that I had never seen a shop like this in all of Mexico.  She explained that there used to be many but they have all gone broke…she is the only one left that she is aware of.  Her dogs, both small Scottish Terriers greeted me when I walked in.  The Black one was friendly and the White one was mean.

The Propietor never stopped smiling …but of course I bought the “Mammie” Doll that you don’t see at all anymore…couldn’t resist Emmet Kelly puppet (I had the original doll…along with Howdy Dowdy..and Charlie MacCarthy)  …then I had to throw in a Bart Simpson puppet…for when I’m in Hospice.

I passed a Graphic Art Shop and noticed a man with a Brooklyn T-Shirt on that turned out only spoke Spanish and had never been to Brooklyn…but it got me in the shop.  Very nice and if I lived in Oaxaca full time with my own place, their art would be in my place.

I moved on to a Chocolate Creation place that had molds for Chocolate.  Grandma and Granddaughter were having dinner when I entered.  They do special occasions.

Further down the road I passed a restaurant that I frequented once last year but remembered how good it was so I entered hoping to purchase some Take away food but he was having problems getting his burners to work

…maybe he didn’t pay the gas bill?  I took another photo to remind me to return.

 He reminded me of me…starting out…all talent …and no money.

Then I passed Lary’s .

 Looked like a Gay clothing store but when I entered out of curiosity of course…it was body building health food…and Gay clothing store.  I accepted a brochure by Adonis…or Lary…I’m not sure…thanked him and left as his dog barked at me from the 2nd story window.

I was headed for my Mescal bar the Taverna when I noted a medical apparatus store for people with sprained ankles, broken hips, bad feet, etc.  Where was that when I needed it.
Too late…I have real shoes right now…and they keep reminding me of that as I continue to my Bar.  

At last, I get to sit down and be served.  The owner recognized me along with the waiter.  I sat at the same table and within seconds there was my Mescal out of the gallon jug with a plate of not just Limes and Oranges…but cucumbers and salt.  The owner came over and welcomed me back…I couldn’t understand or hear what he said so just responded with a sincere Gracia’s and he patted me on the back.  I felt I had a new home.

I left after my second Mescal…hoping I could make it to my real home.  A vendor hawking Tamales on his bicycle was passing and my stomach was growling…I stopped him and bought one Chicken Tamale…gave him a tip for a photo and arrived at my front door shortly thereafter.

I can’t take another day…tomorrow is sleep in.

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