Most of this day was spent reading and for the first time I spent an hour listening to my Spanish Lessons.  Es neccesario para mia habla Mexican.  Now to study spelling.


 I left for a 6 pm concert, stopped for a Hot Chocolate, then discovered it had been moved to a closet on the other side of town where it was standing room only.  These musicians come from Venezuela, Argentina, Belgium,  etc.

 I opted for sunset and sangria on the rooftop of the Crespa Culinary School over looking the memorial for the missing 43 in front of the Santa Domingo Basilica.

 A flying camera followed me.   Flying Camera     



Click on underlined:

 Missing 43     Casita Colibri   Ayotzinapa-caravan-moves-across-country to Oaxaca.

      Then as I was returning to the Zocalo for my last wine and a snack before I went home, I ran into an acquaintance I enjoyed named John. He had lived in Antiqua Guatemala and recommended I visit there.  He met a friend at the Book Fair and I watched the tail end of a nice concert in the Park

before settling in at Importando Restaurante for my Wine and assorted Crepes.  While I was reading I noted a lady from the back that looked familiar…same clothes I saw her in last winter. She was with a young, hippie, that I suspected was a Couchsurfer and the lady was my friend Darcy’s sister Pattie that takes in Couchsurfers since her and her husband retired from travel in South America and settled just outside of Oaxaca.  Angelica was from Oregon and drove her car here with only one incident in Casa Grande , Arizona that cost her a few days and a few bucks when her Toyota truck broke down.  She was a pretty, young intelligent lady.  Pattie remembered me and gave me Darcy’s cell number so I could reach him.  Next table over was Peter, a retired Canadian that lived just down the road from me at A Sol.  I told him I was putting my name in for his one bedroom but would probably die before he gave it up.  It was a nice evening. While waiting for the bus, a taxi came by so for $2.50 I rode home in comfort.

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