The end of the week , the beginning of the weekend…Friday in this magical city. I went to watch The Wild Bunch at the library and returned home.  I’m slowing down…or recharging?


Bruce wants to show me his house for rent in Huayapam.  I am off to meet him at the Intercambios in the library where every Saturday Mexican and English students of language practice what they have learned. 

Who’s the Boss?  Check out those Boots.

I wanted to pass this on.  I received it from another blog: View from Casita Colibri: Click on it and hope it works.

The Faces of Ayotzinapa

     Brue and I left from the library and walked to the bus  stop that I used to catch the bus to my condo in Yartarini last year.  It was a similar bus and brought back memories.  A Walmart was under construction when I left and had wanted to visit it and see the changes. Bruce’s bus turned off for Huayapam just before the Walmart.  We got off near the house and a short walk and we were there.  It was a row of connecting Townhouses but he said just old single people lived next door.  No barking dogs or screaming children.  We couldn’t go in but he described it with two bedrooms, one bath, living room, kitchen and good sized patio out back.  It looked OK but across the street were dogs penned in but DOGS.  They were quiet but dogs don’t stay quiet…not a group like that.  My neighbor a few houses up turned out to be my Doctor.  That would be convenient .  The area is beautiful with the village surrounded by the San Andreas Mountain range and fresh air.  We took a bus back and got off at his place in a gated community.  He has a beautiful 3 bedroom , two bath with large American kitchen, patio , and a library.  We took a collectivo taxi to Walmart and had lunch at the Food Court in the Mall.

 I did some shopping and he returned home.  I was exhausted hauling all that stuff so retired early that evening.


Day of rest but eventually went to Tres Bistros at the Zocalo and had Chef’s Mahi Mahi and a 1/2 liter of wine.  Great. First time I left the house without my camera or hearing aides.  The guests eating at the nearby table were enjoying the Oysters Au Gratin and I couldn’t resist asking how they were as I was leaving.  The gentleman enjoyed them and we started chatting.  Then he gave me his card and I recognized him.  He was an artist that built his own home and was dining with the architect that did the plans, and his wife.  He invited me to stop by…don’t call just knock on the door.
        It was a nice walk home and I was feeling good but strangely sad.  The dead ghosts of Oaxaca from the last 10,000 years were consoling me. The after effects of a 4 day Dias de Muerta festival.   I’ve come to believe what the natives believe…this is a dream and it only becomes real when we pass into the other world upon death.  We dream at night when we sleep and have day dreams during the day. When I look back on my childhood and the place I know best.  My memories of my Mother reading Robin Hood to me on the front porch when she was in her mid twenties, or teaching me how to cook in her thirties when she was my Den Mother in Cub Scouts, or working along side of her in her forties at the knitting mill then in the evenings washing dishes at the restaurant where she waited on tables.  We took the train, bus and drove her car to New England every year to visit her side of the family.  My parents took my wife in when I was in Vietnam and tended my children while she went to school in Buffalo.  Took me in after I returned and was divorced. Welcomed my new wife and our new child.  Dad too gave me memories at different times in his life.  Teaching me how to ride my first two wheeler, flying a kite, taking me to his Buffalo office in a high rise, helping him paint the garage he built or work on the car. All the time getting closer to the end.  Each memory is of a different time in their lives and mine…just a memory, a remnant of a dream.   
       I woke up crying and not knowing why but it felt good.  It’s been years…I treated myself.


When people die, what happens to their “Home” page on Facebook or any of the social media sites.  My friend David Wright died and everyone made it into a memorial to him. Tom Teven , my singer songwriter friend died and I clicked on an Unknown MP3 file and he came to life…singing to me again about the Crossroads in our lives.  Jimmy O’Connor died but his family took over his Bar and Web site.  We now live on the Internet after we are gone.  Like the magnetic fields the Internet takes us around the world until we surface at a Vortex or Website called Home. I do believe loved ones and family can and do communicate during and after life telepathic messages in dreams or trances.  I believe it because it happened to me once and was real. 
    OK , I’ve had my coffee…time to pick up the laundry all folded and neat…what $2.25! That’s outrageous…outrageously cheap and convenient.  I then went to the library to research rentals for next year.  I do this every year in hopes of finding a comfortable, sun shiny place with privacy yet close by and cheap. If I do…I will keep it as long as I keep coming to Oaxaca. I met Lisa from California on a Sabbatical to study Spanish.  She was looking also and I had the listing book where landlords post their offerings.  I told her about my place and she took down Tere’s email to check it out.  

Better than it looks.

    I had lunch at the Mercedes Hotel to pass a message from Kay to the employees and take a photo of them to pass back to Kay.  When I passed by her old studio I noticed a for Rent sign so took the number down and passed it to Linda.  I called but no answer. 

    I think I will relax and stop with the rants for a while.   If I post anything in the near future if will be PHOTOS.  

Adios for a while…from OZ  

Wish I knew the Wizard behind the curtain.


OK …I changed my mind.  Hung out until Lisa came over over to see Los Nogales and see if she wanted to stay.  She did but won’t move in until…February…off to the beach for a while then home to Oakland and returns later to continue her study of Spanish language to teach elementary school.  She was two years in British Guyana and has traveled quite a bit.  

My Neighborhood

I decided to honor Veteran’s Day by having a Steak dinner and Mescal.  Venturing into the Centro I stopped at Nuevo Mundo to wake up with a double cappacino and fortify myself with Apple Strudel.

 Biznaga serves a great Steak, Mole, and Spanish Wine.  I had them all then stopped at my Zocalo newstand to pick up the NEWS so I could find the answers to yesterdays Crossword…then stopped at the Taverna for a couple of double shots of  Homemade Mescal out of a used Carlo Rossi Gallon Wine bottle…very good and I made it home without falling or taking a taxi. Happy Veterans Day…oxymoron.


La Olla serves great food. One of the specialties is Oaxacaquena Tamale.

The library had a lecture on Trains, Trams, Scams, and Poncho Villa that I attended .  Very much enjoyed it.


I returned to one of my favorite Cafe’s for Breakfast before viewing another apartment that was nice but expensive.  I am returning next week to see another in the same complex run by Barbara Perez from Western New York!  If I bring her Buffalo Wings maybe she will give me a better deal?

     Mike, the ex-President of the library, invited me to look at his place that would be available next year.  We took the bus to San Felipe de Agua to see it.  Very nice AND cheap but looking at these places out of town…makes me realize that is NOT where I want to live.
Caught the return bus to my place just as it started to RAIN…stayed home.

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