This came from Craig’s list…I have experienced some of this, so had to post it.

There is DENGUE in Oaxaca. I was told by the primary renter Gloria, that there were no mozquitos. That for an occasional mozzie, “Just spray citronella.”. Citronella had zero effect… Gloria said
that I did not need a mozquito net. 
There were mozzies inside day & night. I bought a mozquito net. When I inquired of the owner if the screens on windows could be replaced, she responded that the man she gave money to for such did not return….
“Private”…..The owner & family home of 2 stories is directly across “your” small garden. Their ground floor is a Family Room which is in frequent use…..the window directly into your bedroom window.
Their upstairs window from there bedroom looks directly down into “your garden”.
Their house keepers bedroom & bath is directly past “your garden”. She is very nice and passes back & forth 6-days a week. The Mister passes in “your garden” by your windows frequently back & forth to roof without notice…
Your things may squeeze into the completely full closets.
I needed a bucket to flush the toilet.
The frig needs defrosting every 5 days.
If you like to cook…. The bathroom sink faucet has more water flow than the kitchen faucet. The kitchen counters are full as are kitchen closets.
“Quiet” as a kennel…..The family dog is let out of house from 4:45 A:M: until 10:30 P:M: She likes to bark at gate to street and with dogs over the walls.
There are at least 3 loud speakers on top of the church for announcements and to amplify bells: about 93 bells prior to each mass. On sun. there are 3 to 4 masses= about 300 to 400 bells….
Upon arrival, the apt was a huge cleaning job for me..
When the rains started in Spring 2014…….3 leaks in bedroom ceiling…….15 June MOLD started growing on bedroom ceiling, kitchen ceiling and bathroom ceiling.
This white fluffy MOLD is very toxic to human, the spores get into eyes, nose, skin and lungs…..
The inside ceilings and walls need scraping, sealing and painting. The roof needs cleaning and sealing….
For my health, I had to vacate ASAP. I have not yet received refund of 1/2 months rent….

David gave Tere his landlady a complaint that the downstairs toilet didn’t flush.  Two weeks later it was fixed. That night David flushed the upstairs toilet but it kept filling up the tank until it reached the handle then the water just kept coming through the handle until he discovered it upon bedtime.  The bedroom was flooded.  He waded in to shut off the water to the toilet but as is the case in most …it was frozen open.  He finally stopped the flow by bending the float down and the landlady sent in the plumber the next morning…and the maid to mop up.

The Missing 43  – Students…this is all over Mexico

Still a few around…Christmas is coming though.

My other Date

Bless me Father because I need it…closest I’ve been to Mass…taken from across the street.

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