My helpful neighbor agreed to drive me to the airport this morning but had a meeting to attend.  She was nice enough to ring my doorbell on her way out.  My alarm had been going for 10-15 minutes but of course I didn’t hear it.  I did hear the bell and woke, showered, dressed and was at the curb waiting for her when she returned from her meeting.  

       I arrived at USAir with my boarding pass in hand so just had to drop the bag and go to the gate.  One hour later I was on the 9:50 am direct flight to Mexico City.  I made the reservation months in advance to managed a seat in the bulkhead just behind first class.  The flight was sold out but a no show left the seat between me and the gentleman with an oxygen machine.  He lost half his lung a while back and now resides in Mazalan 6 months out  of the year.  He has been going there since he was 17 but says it’s changed…that is an understatment. He was on a flight from California and got stuck in Phoenix for three days then has a 3 hour layover in Mexico City. 

    We arrived around 1:15 and I was at my hotel checking in at 2 pm.  TSA opened my bags again.  That is 4 times now…that I know of.  Didn’t plan on doing much but when I went outside on the Tuesday night in Mexico City…it was hard to return.   I stopped down the street at a recommended restaurant and had the recommended Taco Al Pastor Especial with a Sol beer.  I was lost yet was around the corner from where I stayed a couple of years ago.

        I got some coffee and returned to the hotel to freshen up.  Not a bad place.  Centrally located, clean, and cheap.

  I got a map and oriented myself then took some photos, picked up some Vodka, OJ, Pringles and two McDonald Hamburgesas and returned to the room.   


Krishna from Lithuania on a trip around the world with the clan.

Your typical Tuesday night in Mexico City

  My landlady had been waiting for me so I wrote again with the same dates and times. She read my English wrong I think.  
      I ran into David and his wife while picking up my baggage earlier.  David Shaver and wife…what’s her name, also live in Oaxaca 6 months a year and Scottsdale the other 6 months.  We met a couple of years ago through his son Andrew who went to school there.  Andrew is now working in Mexico City but now has a lady friend and may get married.  We are both flying the same flight into Oaxaca tomorrow. Big day unpacking all those boxes I put in storage last visit as well as the Day of the Dead events I have planned.  Good night.

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