I had a mild case of Montazuma’s Revenge…from a greasy Taco maybe.  I did have a McBurger but doubt that was it.  I went back for an Egg McMuffin then to the airport.
        David Shaver and his wife must have taken the 10 pm flight…too early for me.  The InterJet “SuperJet” was really nice.  We took off and in the distance you could see the SNOW capped Mountains of the Sierra Madre that surrounded Mexico City.  I did not see one of the largest and most monitored volcano in the world… Popocatepetl  It is the second largest in North America.  I was happy with lots of leg room, comfortable, and exits from the back and front after we landed and hour and 15 minute after boarding.
     I took a “collectivo” to the hacienda Hostel de la Nogales where I was staying.  Tere answered, gave me my keys and had most of my furniture stuff at the condo for me.  I wanted to get my boxes to unpack.  They were still on the ground, under the stairway, outdoors where I left them.  Lots of spider webs but managed to get them over to the condo.  I didn’t want to unpack in the house.  I had no idea what I would find.  

6 boxes and one large suitcase.

     My neighbor Tom Wolfe made some sounds like I woke him slamming the door while I was going in and out.  He came out and told me he had been coming 4 years now.  He asked if I was going to stay long.  I said 6 months and he had to catch his breath.  He only stays 4 months and is used to having “HIS” BBQ and table and chairs to himself.  Now he has to share.  He was sick and went back to bed.  
      5 hours later I had unpacked the boxes but not my suitcase.  I decided to take the bus to the Zocalo (center) , eat and pick up some Vodka and water for the house.  It was dark and I got off the wrong stop and was going the wrong direction.  I corrected that when I discovered it and didn’t recongize the Zocalo when I arrived.  It was packed with people sleeping in pup tents.  The restaurants were open and I sat with the Gringos watching the Series.  I returned home after a Cubana sandwich and some red wine.


I read my “NEWS” , a daily publication  in English, about Mexico, then walked a bit taking pictures.  A lot a Day of the Dead people painted up as Scary Dead people.  Took a taxi back and retired.

Corn vender using a shopping cart with Charcoal Fire

Where is my Waiter!

Lonely Sailer

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