I was feeling the onset of Barbara’s Bronchitis and woke in the night with a sore throat, congestion and a real sinking feeling that my trip is over.  I never got up until almost 10 am and did not feel good.  I called my Uncle Johnny and told him I wasn’t driving up to New Hampshire that day to visit.  I was afraid I’d infect him. This could be something I picked up on the plane and manifested itself 2 days later.  I emailed Frank and Kathy and told them I was going to change my flight and return home ASAP where I could get rest and Doctor’s care.  They suggested I stay put, take some Antibiotics and get well. 
         I called Southwest Air to change my return flight to first available.  $450 they said.  That is what I paid for the round trip flight so it would cost me over $900 for round trip from Phoenix to Boston…almost what I paid to Europe and back.  I could wait until Monday and get a stop over flight for a $40 processing charge that sent me to Chicago for a 3 hour layover and left Boston at 5:30 AM.  I was pissed.   I thought I’d drive up to my cousin Ron’s home in the Adirondacks Mountains and hang out there for a day or two and see how I felt after.  
        I packed and left around Noon but on the highway I decided to drive as close to the Boston Airport as I could and find a cheap motel to sleep, take meds, and see how I felt.  I was feeling good but the Mass Turnpike turned into a stop and go nightmare and around 5 pm I was still about 80 miles from Boston and had stopped three times for a WI FI connection trying to find a cheap motel…no such thing with all the Leaf Peepers out for the weekend to view the fall foliage in New England. Signs up said Traffic Delay due to Holiday Traffic?  I had no idea what holiday until the local news started talking about Columbus Day Weekend!  That is a big deal in New England area.

         After driving 20-30 mph on the 65 mph highway I decided to just get off and take a back road and stay at the first cheap place…a Comfort Inn had to be under $80…$170!  I found a Motel 8 for $90 but with Taxes $130…I took it. 
        I went out to get a bite to eat and mixer for my Gin ….an hour and a half later I made it back from the traffic with a frozen pizza, pocket burrito, bag of chips and some pink lemonade.  Great meal for a good nights sleep.
     Using Google flights…I booked a flight for the next day, Saturday. that left Logan airport in Boston for Newark,  N.J. at Noon with a 3 hour layover then a 5 hour flight into Phoenix that would put me home at around 8 pm tomorrow…if I’m alive.  I can’t stay here.  The flight was to cost $300 one way…cheaper then $450…but when I went to pick a seat on the connecting flight out of Newark…all the economy seats were taken and I had to pay another $100 for a Premium economy seat and another $25 to check my bag.  I ended up saving $25 and could have had the direct flight with Southwest…too late…I just wanted to be home.  Now I have to get up at 7 am ,drive to Alamo to return the car and take the shuttle to the terminal to catch the Noon flight to N.J.  I have to go to bed.

        Up at 7:15 then breakfast and on the Mass Pike at 8 am. Returned rent a car and shuttle had me at United by 10 am. Global Entry had me through the lines in less than a minute…no shoes, jacket, computer or anything to remove …just walk through the  metal detector and run your bag through the xray. Now the wait..departs for Newark at 12:30…Now 10:30…New England Clam Chowda sounds good.
     Departed Newark arrived Phoenix 7:30 pm.  Shuttle Bus home 8:30 pm.  Unpack and Bed Midnight.  See you in Mexico.

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