I requested to go to Hilversum with Peter Saturday because I wanted to share my Birthday with Jeannette, who seldom forgot it, no matter where I was.  I thought it would be nice.  Peter pointed out my Birthday wasn’t until Sunday.  Oh well…I’ll go and pretend.
           He bought me another present of Dutch Cheese in addition to a Chocolate Cake,  to take home. 
           I slept late Saturday. Then went out to get a bite to eat. I bought a roll in the bakery to make a peanut butter sandwich at home.  When I went to pay her, she said to give the money to the machine.  They have a machine that is the cashier.  She tells you how much and bags it and you pay the machine.  It give change and she never handles the money.  Can’t rob the machine.

        The streets were full of people.  This has been a record breaking month for Holland.  Sunshine and warm days…after day …after day.  People were so happy and just enjoying it all.  I wish I had time to visit the Park today.  It will be full of musicians, people, picnics, bicycles, families, dogs, and nudists.   Yes you can sunbath in the park…generally in a private out of the way place.  I just finished a great Tuna Melt at my local restaurant Goos.

Now want to get out and walk it off.
       Our visit to Jeannette’s was lovely.  We arrived as two of her long time Gay friends were just leaving after spending the afternoon with her in the Garden.  We took thieplace. Later we were moved to the outside dining table and had a nice dinner of Chicken with a Bacon creme sauce, fresh Carrots and Broccoli. Peter kissed her goodbye and we returned as darkness set in.

         Today was my birthday.  I was raining when I went to bed and sunshine when I woke.  The temperatures had cooled down a bit.  I did my laundry and went to breakfast then returned to relax as clouds and cold moved in to Amsterdam.  

       Peter left to see Jeannette and I went to Libero Italian Restaurant again to try the Naples Pizza.  I’ve had better so  packed half of it for take away and ordered white chocolate ice cream with espresso and Armagnac Brandy on the side.  All in all it was OK.  

         I walked back and noticed the owner of the bookstore sitting outside on a bench after he closed so joined him.  We talked at least a half hour about travel to Italy , the future of books, business, Holland, Jeannette and Peter,  and about our lives in the latter years.  

         I’m 69 years of age today.  I got a birthday salutation from my daughter in Buffalo last night, and more today from my friends Marjorie in Scottsdale, Frank in West Barnstable on the Cape, special friend Chris in New River, Roaring Fork Restaurant, Google , and Bill that went to school with me in Attica and is now living in Tucson , Arizona.  That is it.  The sum of my life. 

         The age 69 is symbolic with my sex life…now I am a 6 or a 9 but with prostate cancer behind me I have to work on having any kind of sex life.  My Libido since, has disappeared…died. 

        My future outlook of course is short lived. I have friends over 85 they are vibrant and enjoying everyday.  My Aunt and Uncle are both over 85 and also enjoying everyday.  I personally don’t believe I will live past 80 and at this point don’t really care too much about it.  If it happens, it happens.  
        When I was young I was ambitious and looking forward to making a future, stressed, and focused on making right decisions to insure my future…pay off the mortgage, save for retirement, see the world, etc.   The the past was past and didn’t really matter. 

          Now we tend to pine for the past but that leads to depression…long for something in the future just creates anxiety.  The way is to live NOW.  I strive to do that but my priorities have changed.  I tired easy.  Naps and health are important. I do strive to be active and continue to travel but health issues have slowed me down. That gives me time to smell the Roses and that had lots of benefits.  I enjoy the things I never took the time for in the past.  So Happy Birthday to Me!

      Peter arrived and he insisted I share his single malt Scotch Whiskey on my birthday so what the hell.  Well I finished the Bottle of wine, and the bottle of Vodka…so ?   We toasted our visit with Single Malt Laphroig Quarter Cask 12 year old Scotch.    Tomorrow I have one bottle of wine left to enjoy for my departure.  Hard liquors may make me miss my flight.  This has been a really unplanned nice day.
     Last day.  Woke Packed.  Ate. Went to bed.  Off tomorrow.  Bye Amsterdam!


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