I haven’t been to Rotterdam since I visited a Sex Club there with one of their volunteer members. They take turns with responsibilities and filling different positions, such as door checker, bartender, social director, open and closer, etc.   These clubs are in almost every city, just like the Saunas, and public pools.  They are for public use so certain days they are open for nudists, others for textile people. The Swing Clubs have certain nights for Gay or Lesbians, Couples, Safe Sex Groups, etc…a Pansexual Club.

Public Urinal

Segway Unicycle

 Most Hollanders would be Non-Religious, non judgemental, very tolerant , peace loving, open minded….BUT don’t fuck with their rights.  They come to any one’s aide if they feel the person is not being treated fairly…except druggies…they tolerate it so they can also have their freedoms but if a bird was drowning in the canal..they would save it…not so a druggie.
    Pim, the man I’m to meet today, is a very intelligent teacher of life.  His example is one we should all strive for.  He is humble, helpful, courteous, humorous, astute, amicable, inspiring and honest.  There is more and I can’t wait to find out what that is? 
      I departed around 3 pm for Amsterdam Central Station, where I deposited 40 Euros to my ChipKaart for the trip and to insure I don’t run out by Tuesday when I depart for the airport and Boston.

 I boarded the train for Rotterdam around 4pm and arrived around 5:15.  I was in awe when I arrived.  25 years ago…Rotterdam Central Station was nothing.  The Port City was industrial working man’s city that was a bit rough around the edges.  

Now I felt like a kid seeing New York City for the first time. The buildings, architecture, conveniences, art, etc.  It really was vibrant and alive.  Amsterdam seemed a bit sleepy when comparing it to Rotterdam.


   We arranged to meet at Pincho’s Tapas Bar inside the newly opened Market Hall but he wasn’t there.  Dutch are very prompt so I knew he must have been delayed for a good reason.  A few minutes latter he arrived on his bicyle from his first day at his new place of employment…just across the way. It was also the first day for the Market Hall opening and it was packed.  

I’m here?

              His new company was in charge of the Public Relations, of sort, \ for the Market.  Communication within the complex, awareness, crowd control, perceptions, advertising, promotions…etc.  To what extent was a little unclear but it didn’t matter.  
            Pincho’s was packed so we went to another bar-restaurant in the complex.  It was had to hear above the din so after a beer, we decided to enjoy the Market Hall’s food promotion.  You get a “bingo” card with 6 spaces to be stamped by the restaurant you sample.  Each restaurant or stall , had a small sample of their product for 1 Euro.  We had Surinamese food, Turkish, Dutch, German, etc…all for 6 Euro.  When the Card was full with 6 stamps, you redeemed it for a nice shopping bag.  He introduced me to a couple of his colleages we met while grazing.

         It was dark now so he invited me to his apartment across the street to meet his fiancee and the love of his life. She was lovely and also in love.   Pim and I had a glass of wine on his balcony overlooking the city then I bid adieu, to meet again someday, somewhere.  We had discussed our travels.  He did some diving in the Galopagos Islands, hiked up to Machu Piccu, toured Patagonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, and I think Chile.


  There was a train station across the street where I caught the Amsterdam Central departure and was there around 10:30.  Missed my Tram home so took the next departure to Rembrantsplein rather then wait there.  While waiting at Rembrantsplein, the schedule flashed 10:47 for my Tram 4…but it never came and then it said 11:10…when it did  arrive, it was packed.  When I got off at home, I noted my Chipkaart NEVER got the 40 Euros on it and I was out the money.  I will have to replenish it before I leave. 

       Peter was just going to bed when I arrived and presented me with a birthday cake for a present. Chocolate of course!  I retired at 2 am.

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