I was up around 7:30 so didn’t need my alarm, showered and out the door before 9 am.  Tram to Train…Train to Bus…Bus to Plane…Plane to Amsterdam. What a fantastic system Norway has to get around. Goodbye Ooosslo.


Vending Credit Chip Card Machines on Train

Thank you KLM

 A quick Tram ride and I was back at the apartment.  I went out to eat after I got settled in on Rooseveltlaan.    When I returned   Peter arrived from visiting Jeannette.  We talked a bit about Norway and the trip the ended up going to bed late.  
         Today is Monday now. Time to do some shopping and drop the laundry off.  I’m meeting my friend I met in Phoenix when he bumped into the the back of my car one evening.  
         He plays baseball on the 45 and older World Series every year for a team called the Holland Astros and mix of Dutch and American players.   Actually this year, 9 will be Dutchmen that he plays in a league with in Holland.  They have Orange (National Color of Holland) Jerseys, with ASTROS on front with Holland in smaller letters and an American Flag on one shoulder and the Dutch on the other.  He batted 500-700 average last year and plays on a regular basis between his work and family. His position is Center field or Shortstop.  He started his own business as a consultant two years ago and is now busy traveling the world with clients in South Africa, Spain and Dubai.

Transporting children on a large Segway!

         Montiano is setting the time and place as he has a busy schedule at work.  He asked where I was located and what kind of food I liked then suggested an Italian Restaurant, Il Trulli a short walk from where I was staying.  It was a place Peter and Jeannette recommended.  

        I arrived and not knowing what Monti would drink I ordered a full Carafe of house red wine..very good.  Monti showed up shortly thereafter but doesn’t drink and has an almost two hour drive home!  I suggested we get separate checks but he graciously said as a guest in his country, he wished to treat me.  Very hospitable.  We had appetizers and entrees that were excellent but were so engrossed in conversation I forgot to take any photos…sorry..the food and presentation were excellent.  The server finally took a photo for me as we were leaving. He drove me back.  I hope to see him next season when he plays the last week in October.  He will be playing in the father and son series.  His son will be 16 then which is the qualifying age.  Then in a few more years his other son will also qualify…then he said he may stop baseball…but I doubt it. 

That’s Monti on the left.

      Peter had already returned from a visit with Jeannette.  They sat outside and Peter built a fire for Jeannette.  We both retired early.

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