The weather forecast read a high of 64% today…I’m excited.

 11 am and I’m off. Sissel had showed me how to take the Tram to the Waterfalls then walk downhill following the river.  There was a Farmer’s Market nearby that she suggested.  I decided to do my exploring now then end the day at the falls and walk back to the apartment.  We were going out to dinner my last night in repayment for such wonderful hospitality.  I couldn’t imagine what it cost to stay in a hotel or B and B in Oslo. 

     I bought a 24 hour pass for transport and took the Tram to downtown then headed for the City Hall.  There was a REAL tourist Information center there where I picked up a booklet in English, (I thought), to take home.  I noticed there was a Museum Island I could take a ferry to and see any one of three top notch museums.  Kon Tiki, Viking Ship, and Folk Museum.  It was such a nice day I decided to tour City Hall then buy a ticket just behind on the wharf for the Museum Island and see what happens.  


Cross town Skiing on Roller Blades

     The whole area I was in was packed with people and activity.  There was a big demonstration I witnessed in one of the parks STOP ISIS!  It was Middle Eastern people fed up with being portrayed as part of the “Movement” when they were not.  TV film crews were there and me.  

     I went into City Hall and visited the chambers and the meeting rooms.  Quite nice.  I bought a ticket for the ferry then stopped into the Alfred Nobel Hall where Obama received his Nobel Peace prize.   I had to pay $10 for a tour but had the ferry to catch so declined.  

          The National Theater was nearby so I stopped by there just to take a few pics then returned to catch my ferry to Museum Island.  Unfortunately when we docked the museums were spread out and we had to walk there. Of the three I only wanted to see  the Viking ship they resurrected and restored or Kon Tiki.  

          I followed the crowd up hill until my legs started with the pain and I lost them.  I was down to a crawl but taking photos of the MANSIONS with Porche’s, BMW’s, Mercedes, and Tesla’s behind the gates.  This is one of the wealthiest areas of Norway. 
           I finally reached the top of the hill and turned away from the Folk Museum down the street…I don’t know how far…and choose the direction of the other two.  Then the street started downhill.  If I go downhill I have to return uphill.  I was exhausted so choose to sit down in a nice little restaurant and have lunch.

           A Hamburg and Potatoes with Coffee…$35 My $10 BIG ASS BURGER at the Roaring Fork would have been twice the size and better. When in Rome.
         I decided to return to the boat dock and go back to the city but took a wrong turn at the fork in the road and was going downhill but in the wrong direction.  I didn’t recognize any of the homes and I had taken a lot of photos of.  After stopping some lost Russians and then Japanese…both directed me back up the road.  My legs were ready to give out but I had no choice.  Finally I returned to the fork in the road and got back on track.

     When I reached the dock, the boat was just arriving …thank God or someone.
Then after boarding, it went to the Kon Tiki Museum to pick up more passengers.  If I had just kept going, I wouldn’t have had to walk all the way back up just wait for the ferry…I didn’t know they had two pick up points.  I got a LOT of exercise and felt good about that but my legs and feet didn’t.  
      When we arrived back at the dock I went back to the Tourist bureau to return the guide book on Oslo that was in GERMAN and get the one in English.  

       I wanted to take the Tram to the Waterfalls but also wanted to confirm my bus to the airport for tomorrow.  I choose the bus station but the ticket man couldn’t tell me where to pick up the bus.  He said I just had to come down the next day as the Dock or stall you pick up the bus changes.  He suggested I take the train.  The train station was closer so I walked over there and in 5 minutes an attendant got me a ticket for 9:39 am Sunday for TORP airport.  I did have to take a transfer bus when I arrived to take me to the Airport but that only took fifteen minutes and the train was half the cost of the bus fare I paid to get into town when I arrived. 

Vikings on the Prowl

      I returned home with a pass that was still good for the Tram in the morning, and a train ticket to the airport, and sore feet.  I greeted Sissel, freshened up and we left for dinner at a unique two star Michelin restaurant that serve fusion, eclectic, whatever new cuisine.  Something I vowed not to ever do but I still had all these Norwegian Krona’s that I ATM’d at the airport on arrival. 
         $80 for a bottle of wine, and another $160, I think for some very small portions but a lot of them…my meal was …: Pumpkin Soup;  Poached Eggs with Cauliflower, Parmesan, etc;  Beef Tongue, Brussels Sprouts, Parsnips, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, some exotic foam;   Frozen Kiwi, Mango, Creme Frache, etc.  It was good but very unusual…I took the Norwegian menu home to have it interpreted so someone can tell me what I ate.  I now don’t have to spurge like that again on some Chef’s exotic whims yet appreciated having done so. 

      I thanked Sissel for her hospitality, packed and did this blog.  I’ll be alright when I reach the airport tomorrow but the tension stressful.  This is the part of travel that bothers me the most.

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