Norwegians tend to be friendly but serious .  They certainly take their health seriously.  Like all of Scandinavia , health care is free if you don’t count the 40% income tax taken from your pay all your life.  Norway has a HIGH tax on alcohol spirits…Gin, Vodka, Whiskey and the like.  Wine and Beer are also expensive $10 for a Beer and a cheap bottle of wine is $20 and up. They bicycle a LOT and this is up Mountains and such.  They walk a lot and have an excellent mass transit system throughout the country.  

OK, so today was very cold and overcast this morning but around 1 pm the sun broke through the clouds so I decided to do some walking today.  I wrapped myself up with sweater, jacket and my new alpaca scarf from Peru and headed out for the Opera house.   I walked downhill to downtown.  I didn’t care which street I took and found myself there in about 10 minutes.  I found a shortcut I wish I knew about before. 

        I stopped at the Information place I went to when I first arrived to get a Tourist book in English with a map.  Sissel had one but I wanted one to take back home with all the attractions, local info, etc.  She said they were NOT a Tourist Information place.  They used to be a year ago but now the REAL tourist info place is down by City Hall.  OK…she did give me a map and pointed out where to go.  

Share a Needle?

       I stepped out the door and headed in the opposite direction, of course.  I had walked about an hour before I thought to check the map.  I then started back in a circle to where I had been but then hit a detour with a huge construction project.  Another hour passed before I arrived at where I started and discovered the Opera House was just around the corner and down the street…closer than the City Hall.

         I choose the Opera house and after arriving I climbed all the way to the top.  Despite being tired and having sore feet…NO pain in my legs.  I was on a roll.  It has to be the Scandinavian air with a high Oxygen level like in Iceland just across the Sea.  

I had to have a photo of this accomplishment with me in it so approached a young couple and offered to take a photo of them with their camera if they would be so kind as to take one of me with my camera.

 He was from Paris and worked at Disney world in Orlando for some time so spoke good English, was young and friendly.  Having done that I returned down off the ROOF of the Opera House but was denied entrance due to some big media event they were setting up for this evening. 

         Home was uphill so I got a one-way pass for $5 to take the full rush hour Tram back to the house.  I was standing up with the rest of those of us that boarded when a young lady jumped out of her seat and offered it to me.  I humbly declined then later regretted it as the traffic was slow and I had been on my feet for four hours without sitting once.  

       I exited my stop and entered the Express House for a relaxing cup of coffee and a rest before going up to the apartment.  I’m home now and Sissel should be home from work soon.  I’ve been saving my appetite for our dinner this evening. I noticed the Cafe Lotto yesterday and though it a nice, slightly upscale, close by place with a good variety on their menu, so hope to go there.

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