Laid back day to just do what I feel like doing…kind of like everyday.  Well Sissel was up and offered to join me as I was off for my Espresso House for a relaxing breakfast.  I offered to treat her but she likes her Tea and Breakfast and offered me Breakfast.  Can’t refuse my Host…she even said she would like to accompany me. Well, so much for an exploring venture…it turned out to be good to have a guide.

     It is a bit warmer today and lovely sunshine. I’m finishing my coffee and will now find out what a Norwegian Breakfast is.  Blood Sausage, Scrambled Eggs with Scallions and Cheese, possibly a Havarti cheese, nice Bread Rolls, Gooseberries Jam and butter, Mackerel in Tomato sauce, Cucumber, and a couple other things…I can’t remember.  I didn’t eat all that but it was there if I choose.  Really nice way to start the day.

    I had a day transport pass for $12-13 so could use the Tram, Bus, or Subway. We took the Tram just near her house and was at the Vigeland Sculpture Park in 20 minutes.  A beautiful place built in 1914 but not completed for a long time. Beautiful Sculptures by Vigeland himself.  We walked around,  and took some pictures with a lot of Chinese tourists.  

        Then we had apple juice in the restaurant and visited an old museum attached before taking the Tram then Bus to another Sculpture Park the just opened a year ago on the other side of town.  


All Norwegian Sculptures tend to be Nude with Genitals

Sissel with Nobel Prize Hall in Bkgrd

This was on top of one of Oslo’s surrounding Mountains with views of the Harbour and City below.  It was a huge campground (Closed for the winter) and recreation area.  The trails were all open to joggers, hikers, dog walkers, and tourists that came to see the many different sculptures by Rodin, Dali, and maybe 20 different displays and pieces throughout the Park.  


We returned to the center about 3 pm and Sissel returned home in preparation for an evening with her friends and a group river walk celebrating the beginning of Autumn.  I choose to stay behind and explore the city a bit…comparing prices and life styles.  I did break down and bought an Alpaca Scarf from Peru for around $22 .  Why I’m not sure since I have three at home that I never use.  I put this on right away as the sun was setting and the temperature also.  

        It was around 5:30 when I returned home.  Sissel’s teacher came by to drop off some papers for her then left.  I decided to have more Thai food for the evening.

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