I’m just taking it easy today…it’s a bit dreary this morning. A bit of rebellious intestines to start the day.  Had good breakfast nearby and returned fatigued and fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours until Peter returned to wake me. I felt feverish so stayed in. 

Dutch Mint

     Sanna came after work to join Peter for a visit to
Jeannette’s.  Jeannette  had received my Grand Bouquet of flowers and was pleasantly surprised.  I stayed up late after the nap then up this morning feeling good.

     Peter had left so I dropped my laundry off and headed for the Market and get some healthy juice smoothies …one pure Orange juice…one Mango and Yogurt and one Pineapple , Orange and Yogurt.   Then I stopped at the Carousel for Real Dutch Pancakes, my first in years.  I had the Ham and Eggs Pancakes to get motivated.  

     The Riyks Museum was nearby so I got a ticket and spent the next 2-3 hours on my feet walking the museum so decided to sit for a while…at a Poker Table in the nearby Holland Casino.   I won 130 Euro but was time to pick up my laundry so returned home. 

Opium Packets 1650

Neighborhood Happy Hour..not unusual here.

        It wasn’t ready!  A phone call later…well you said maybe Monday…and it was taken for see you Monday.  I went next door for a Brocetta Platter of 5 with wine at an Italian Cafe that had a great Happy Hour but Peter said the food was lousy.  I thought the Brocetta Mista was awesome.  People must like the food because large parties sitting on the patio for sun and wine went inside when their reservation was ready…and a lot of people picking up take-out orders on their bicycles.  
    I went on to Peter’s bar but it was loud, crowded, and served terrible wine.  I left my wine and myself to  return home.  Peter had stopped back with a harvest of grapes from his garden.  He just arrived from visiting Jeannette and I think we go retire early.  He hopes to make Grape Jelly tomorrow?

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