It was a beautiful day when I awoke at 8:30 am…the earliest yet!  I’m anxious to get out and enjoy the day. The Tram took me a few blocks before I exited and walked to our meeting place.  

The Chocolate Shop stopped me for a bit.  I got one for me and a bag for Sanna to share with her family when she got home tonight.

 She arrived shortly after I did and we had a nice lunch and conversation. She is rightly concerned about her Mother’s condition and thinks it may be some time before she will return to her normal self.  We bid each other “see ya later” as I headed toward a park in the area that she recommended.

 I remembered a store that was supposed to have a travel wallet I love so I walked to the center of town but they didn’t not carry it so I took the Tram back to find Peter just getting ready to go visit Jeannette. 

     I tasted my “mushrooms”  and played on the Internet.  I bought a sandwich on the way home from the Suriname shop…a Chicken Curry…should be a nice snack for dinner. It was.  
       Peter returned from visiting Jeannette and we tasted my first Johnny Walker Red.   Then I tasted some more….
      Thursday I woke after a very sound sleep and ordered flower delivery for Jeannette and the Blue Travel wallet from Amazon…much easier then going to the store.

Off on the train to Hilversum to visit Jeannette at Benveneta
       I bought a round trip ticket because I was not sure my Chipkaart would work on the Intercity Trains.  It would have.  I exited the wrong stop and ended in the city of Hilversum rather that the MediPark that was in walking distance.  I strolled the street and got a bite to eat before hailing a taxi.  The lady Taxi driver was very professional and pleasant to talk to.  She told me about the Mayor’s House that was built in the 30’s by a famous architect, gave me her card, and wished me a good visit. 
        Jeannette was waiting from her perch on the balcony, in the wheelchair type Throne on the second floor, over looking the beautiful garden below. I joined her for a pleasant visit.  It is always a pleasure to see Jeannette even in a wheelchair. I left after a half hour or so.  She takes a nap in the afternoons. 

        The supervisor called the lady Taxi driver and I had her show me the Mayor’s house then drop me at the Media Park to catch the train to Amsterdam.

 I visited the Park and had a yogurt smoothie before returning to Amsterdam.  My Tram to Rooseveltlaan was not coming to the center.  There had been a fire of some sort that delayed the trams and I had to take the subway to Watersplein then walk to Rembrantsplein to catch my tram home.  

      I finally got my stamps when I arrived and mailed my late Birthday card to my Granddaughter.  The Post Offices in Holland have been closed because of cost.  This could be our fate in the United States also.  They still deliver the mail but no Post Office.  I’m not sure how they manage but they do.

     I took my computer to an outdoor cafe and had a snack and a beer while catching up on my email.

 It was close to dinner time so I stopped into the Suriname restaurant and got a take-out for that evening and returned home. Peter arrived shortly after from his visit with Jeannette and we retired early.

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