Sunday morning !  Wow…still sunshine…got to go.  All excited to win at Poker.  I had a great breakfast sandwich near by before entering the Casino.

 My first bout was quick but NOT painless.  Refilling my wallet, I stupidly returned to lose more. Peace Day turned into Black Sunday!  I tried not to hit myself on the way home but the Sushi meal, I promised Peter if I won, was not to be.

   With my tail between my legs I  entered the Italian restaurant that Peter didn’t like and ordered a glass of wine and Pasta with Fresh Spinach and  Blue Cheese.  It was good but, though the staff was friendly, they didn’t give the best of service.  Mostly chatting it up with each other.  

      Monday morning the weather chilled down.  I picked up my laundry, had a nice healthy breakfast at Goos across the street and returned to pack for departure to Oslo tomorrow.  Peter will drive me to the airport.  A very appreciated offer.
I’ll have to dig into my American dollars to cash in Norway until my financial transfer from one bank to the next takes place Wednesday.  That might pay for my taxi ride?    I didn’t think I would need my ATM for both banks. I didn’t think I was going to lose at Poker yesterday either.

      Stop pouting and go see a Woody Allen movie At The Movies.  Trammed downtown but too late so Trammed back and treated myself to Oysters and Quail with some Saki.

 When I got home Peter was still there.  He said he had a bout with his intestines also…must be catchy.  He didn’t visit Jeannette and was just relaxing and eating Cheese and Crackers.  I brought him some Sushi but he declined so there is my breakfast.  Big day tomorrow. 


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