I ruined my surprise for Jeannette when I carelessly added her to my mailing list.  Monday, I mentioned I would visit her Tuesday! Duh.  It worked out well because her day was busy so she asked me to “surprise” her another day.  She has also told Peter to suggest I visit Haarlemmerstraat

in Central Amsterdam.  Since I was in Amsterdam last, this West Indian Area of the City has been upgraded to the best Shopping street in the city.  So my day started and ended there.

do you see what I see
Central Station

         I was to have breakfast at the first restaurant I ate at when I came solo to Europe for the first time in 1988.  The nephew of a friend from Phoenix who I had contacted but never met, picked me up at the train station on his bike in the pouring down rain and rode me  on the back of his bike with my suitcase to a B & B he had booked for my stay in Amsterdam.  I asked for his assistance to get a resident’s viewpoint and knowledge. When I was finished checking in he suggested a lovely Jazz music restaurant that served Dutch breakfast , lunch and dinner across the street.

My first meal 25 years ago..was here.

My first meal was Dutch Pancakes…and I’ve been eating there now for 25 years. When I arrived the owner, who , like me has added a few pounds , lost some hair, and a bit older, greeted me like an old friend.  He now only serves dinner and has remodeled his little “hole in the wall” .  Now there were more tables , no counter, and a piano so he could have “live ” Jazz…his passion.  
          I went on for breakfast on Haarlemmerstraat Coffee House and Sam’s Breakfast special.

Not Dutch Pancakes
When I arrived at the Central Train Station I headed for Haarlemmerstraat zig-zagging the Bike Park

then with a little directions from the Police, arrived at the Coffeehouse at the beginning of the street for breakfast.

I finished my meal and documenting the passerbys then headed for the end of the street .

 I caught a BUS and returned to Central Station then Home.

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